WaterskiProTourLogoToday, Waterski Pro Tour unveils a website and social media campaign to promote the 2021 professional water ski season and beyond. A new, unified tour of pro events, under the umbrella of the Waterski Pro Tour, will be promoted via these centralized hubs of information and action. Current fans will have a singular place to connect with the sport, while a new, wider audience will be offered a jumping in point to immerse themselves in the drama of the world’s best competing for the tour title.

Found in one place for the first time in water skiing the Waterski Pro Tour website offers:

  • event schedules + reminders
  • event results
  • live event webcasts
  • up-to-date tour leaderboards
  • skier profiles

This will be communicated, with other relevant content, through accompanying Waterski Pro Tour social media accounts to enhance the experience of a fanbase that has seen considerable growth in recent years.

“Waterski Pro Tour is the continuation of the vision all pro skiers and organizers worldwide have been holding dear for the last decade.” - Matteo Luzzeri, organizer of San Gervasio Pro-Am.

“This unification of events creates something greater than the sum of its already great parts. It’s definitely something the industry can and will get behind” - Brooks Wilson, brand manager of Radar Skis.

“2020 was a weird year but it was the best this century for growth of the pro skiing audience. Waterski Pro Tour will allow the sport to continue that trend on a larger scale” - Vince Stadlbaur, CEO of Waterski Broadcasting Co.

Waterski Pro Tour is a marketing initiative, founded in 2020, with the aim of accelerating public engagement with professional water skiing. It will promote a unified tour of events with the aim of further engaging the existing and emerging audience of pro water skiing and, by doing so, promote the great sport of water skiing as a whole.


 Instagram, Facebook, TikTok:  @waterskiprotour