The Senate range from Radar is the best selling ski in the industry for one reason, put simply, it just works. The Senate is built from the same mold as our Vapor but is .2" wider. This provides balance and support sought after by all skiers. We offer the ski in a multitude of constructions, check out which one is right for you!


 Playing on the world stage as an athlete requires a tough mental game, deep work ethic and resilience. Natallia Berdnikava, world champion water skier and the first woman to jump over 190 feet, exemplifies all of these qualities and she’s willing to share her best thinking on performance. We talk in depth about everything from how to control your negative thoughts, how to visualize success, the keys to making experience count and the value of recovery. Plus, this conversation has a bonus, as she compares living in Belarus to the freedom of living in the United States.


Spraymakers w/ Rossi and Trent - Episode 1: Dialing In Your Ski Setup
In this episode, Rossi and Trent discuss Long and Shallow vs Short and Deep fin settings. What each accomplishes and what can be learned from riding both setups. 

From our first hand-laid fiberglass ski boat in 1968, to our state-of-the-art GEN2 Surf System, MasterCraft has been the pioneer of having more fun on the water.

Spraymakers is a podcast that dives deep into the world of slalom waterskiing with Chris Rossi and Trent Finlayson. Check out the Teaser below and stay tuned for Episode 1 on March 2nd. is where you can find all the details!


We are skiers. It’s the reason we’re here. We have that insatiable desire to run more buoys. We wake up before the sun to get glassy water. We don’t sleep until we’ve figured out the perfect settings and we don’t stop there; we’re constantly innovating to find what will make skiing better. When a company is this devoted to building the best products, it’s fun what the outcome looks like. We can’t help it, it’s in our blood. Just go ski.


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