2021 Syndicate Stoke Reel: Sneak a peek at the Syndicate team shreddin' next year's gear!

For 2021 we're introducing 2 all new Syndicate ski models and a new boot, to be unveiled tomorrow at the US Nationals in Louisiana.




 Listen as Rossi and Trent talk about open water skiing and the rhythm and timing methods they have to give you the best free skiing experience.


This week the boys jump in to handle control and what a big impact that has on your overall skiing.


Join Freddy Krueger as he walks you through the big 5 features and the 25 details of the all-new 2021 ProStar.


Counter Rotation was all the rage a few years back but we hear less about it these days, listen as the boys describe it and how it is incorporated into your skiing. 

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