It’s time to get on the water. Spring has sprung and the boys talk about the best approach to take when you start your ski season.

Planning may not sound like the most riveting of topics but it will pay dividends to your ski season, listen and find out how!

After a week of traveling and getting settled into Florida training, we’re back for another technique Tuesday! Skiing with bent arms is a habit that can be tricky to get rid of and can cause a lot of problems for both your bouy count and muscle soreness. Check it out on my YouTube channel and like always I love to hear what you think!



Eddie Roberts played a huge role in the development of Radar Skis, we interviewed him about his history in the sport a few years back and recently came across the footage. We love Eddie.

Visualization plays a major role in the progress of technique to a skier. Listen as the boys chat through their approaches to this concept.
Last week Rossi and Trent talked about finding your stack on land before taking it to the water. This week the boys give some key highlights on what it takes to transition it properly to behind the boat and what your key alignment focuses should be.




Today on International Women’s Day, MasterCraft is celebrating inspirational women who relentlessly chase their goals, push the boundaries and know no limits.

Let Her Rip is about empowering confidence in and behind the boat and on and off the water. We are partnering with exceptional female athletes, leaders and brands to share stories of amazing women who always give 100% and encourage others to do the same. We are also hosting clinics to help build confidence while driving, skiing, surfing and riding. 

Part of the Let Her Rip DNA is supporting others who proudly and courageously chase their goals and give 100%. Share how you Let Her Rip on Instagram by using the hashtag #letherrip so we can join you in celebrating your passions. 


LET HER RIP: The Meagan Ethell Story

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