Take a peek at the new look 2021 Syndicate Omega. High efficiency and solid stability with its medium width profile, low volume concave and 4 stage rocker design with a fresh new graphic. 👀
Check out hosports.com for first look at the newly launched full 2021 HO Sports/Syndicate lineup. https://hosports.com/


In this episode, the guys discuss edge change. Answering questions about what affect speed and line length have on edge change location and how you can utilize body position to have a greater effect on your speed.


On this weeks show the guys discuss boots and the reasoning between rocking double boots or a rear toe plate, enjoy.


Miles Sand and Gravel Co., is proud to be the Official Webcast Sponsor of the Syndicate Hilltop Pro-Am, August 15th and 16th 2020.

The tournament will feature some of the top Pro men and women skiers from around the world and some of the top amateur skiers from the Northwest.


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