This Bob Marley is not who you think he is. He’s not Jamaican, he doesn’t have dreads, and he’s an avid water skier. He and his boys wake up at 6:30 am, cut glass all morning, and then talk about it the rest of the day….only to fall asleep and dream about doing it all over again.

Yeah sure, he still does comedy….and he’s shared the stage with all the big names: Dane Cook, Louis CK, Chapelle, etc… But on this particular afternoon, in the corner of the airport in Portland Maine, Bob took a second to share his perspective on the water ski world, and more specifically, some of its main characters:

He discussed the following:

Nate Smith & Corey Vaughn
Travis Moye
Will Asher
Chris Parrish (& his dad)
Dave Wingerter
Whitney McClintock
Skiers and their Self Talk habits
Marcus Brown
BallOfSpray & The Pro Ski Tour
You’re not going to wanna miss this.

For more from Bob Marley, check out his Website and catch a show if you’re on the east coast!


Matteo Luzzeri, joins me live from Spain! We discuss his San Gervasio ProAm, which took place this past weekend for the 4th year in a row.

We also talk about beginning level skiers and some of the important tips for skiers getting started, as well as answering some questions from viewers.

Also, Olympics and Water Skiing, as well as teens being badass skiers/athletes and things they may need to pay attention to as they become the best in the world.

Can’t remember what else we talked about, so maybe quit reading and just go have a listen??…


Jolly Ski  is proud to present the 2017 San Gervasio Pro Am Presented by Malibu Boats, Varanini Caffé,and Barka, this year’s event will award $21,000 to the best skiers in the world.

The tournament started today with two rounds of Amateurs, who slalomed behind our brand new 2017 Malibu TXi.

For 2017 we are excited to have the Water Ski Broadcasting Company webcasting the event in HD for everyone to enjoy.

The qualifying rounds for Pro Women and Men will start tomorrow at 9am (Italian time), with the nerve-wracking Head to Head Finals taking place at 12pm on Sunday.

Watch the action and enjoy the event :)

Jaimee Bull is one of the most promising new skiers on the horizon. I don’t say that lightly. Yes, she is the current Jr Masters Slalom Champion, and yes, she does hold the Canadian Jr National Record with 3 @ 39.5 off (10.75m). And yes, she is just barely 17 yrs old.

However, I use the word promising for a different reason than you would think. What impresses me is that she doesn’t think, act or react like a 17 yr old with a lot of talent. She is humble, grateful, dedicated, passionate, smart….basically she is a role model. She is exactly what we would hope a great skier would be.

"This ski is a buoy chaser. It's raw, lean & badass!" -Will Asher after running 41'off/36mph his first set on the Syndicate Pro out of the new mold. (Shown here).

Tune in Friday to for more about the upcoming 2018 Syndicate Pro. HO Skis designers and pros will be hosting demos on the new ski design Friday evening and Saturday at the Syndicate Hilltop Pro-Am after the event concludes. Get there for your taste of the pro level ski that has the top skiers raving. The Syndicate Hilltop Pro-Am begins Saturday and is located Hilltop Lake in Arlington, Washington. Home testing center of the HO Skis R&D crew, Hilltop Lake is a flawless site ripe for huge scores and intense pro and amateur competition. Finals take place on Sunday where pros will battle it out for a 10k cash prize purse. #WhoDaresWins

Can’t make it to the event but want to demo a Syndicate ski? Check out and sign up to try the highly acclaimed Syndicate VTX and VTR skis.  Now you can also demo the new Syndicate Hardshell Boot/Binding System with no obligation!

"This ski is not only highly predictable, but under the pressure of high speed it continues to perform at an unmatched level."  -Nick Adams after running 41'off/36mph his first set on The Syndicate Pro. (video of his first set 41’off pass seen here). HO Skis will unveil this top end buoy blaster Saturday at the Syndicate Hilltop Pro-Am, with skis hot out of the oven and ready to Demo for free! Be there & stay tuned.  #WhoDaresWins

Every year, Memorial Day weekend brings the most prestigious tournament in waterskiing…The Masters at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain Georgia. This year was the 58th, and Team Syndicate showed up riding a brand new ski, the Syndicate Pro, and it landed 3 athletes in the finals.

Jaimee Bull, fresh off 2 consecutive Jr. Canadian National Records (2.5 and 3 @ 39.5 off) ended up winning the Jr. Womens division.

Jon Travers and Will Asher were 2 of the 4 finalists in the Pro Mens division….JT finished in 4th, and Willy in 2nd….amongst the highest performances Robin Lake has ever seen.

FlowPointTV was there, to capture the weekend….and now we’re here, delivering it straight to you.

Thanks for checkin it out, and share if you liked it!

The 58th Water Ski Masters tournament just went down this past Memorial Day Weekend in Pine Mountain Georgia. Team Syndicate had a great weekend, with Jaimee Bull winning the Junior Masters Women’s slalom and both Jon Travers and Will Asher making the finals. All three skiers were riding the all new Syndicate Pro. In between events, I sat down with the legendary Wade Cox to discuss the event, its long history, as well as some other tidbits. We did this quick chat during the wakeboard event, so sorry about the boat noise and waves in the background.

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