Boat Owner - Dave Nutt

Driver - Steve Glanfield

Oxford Water Ski Club


Horton's Lake 1973 from Ned Thanhouser on Vimeo.

Horton's Lake 1973 from Ned Thanhouser on Vimeo.

Produced by Vik-Winkle Productions, Inc. in 1973.

The house that Herb built is alive and well. Herb used the Lab to advance modern day waterskiing to new heights and in those advancements built a team around him that would continue his legacy to this day. Chris Rossi, Tim DeHate, Eddie Roberts and Jason Standley all work tirelessly to create innovation. It is in the Radar Lab that new foams are tested, different carbons are sourced, and the latest shapes come to light. Every concept is born here, and every Vapor is produced in this special place, thanks Herb.


We are skiers. It’s the reason we’re here. We have that insatiable desire to run more buoys. We wake up before the sun to get glassy water. We don’t sleep until we’ve figured out the perfect settings and we don’t stop there; we’re constantly innovating to find what will make skiing better. When a company is this devoted to building the best products, it’s fun what the outcome looks like. We can’t help it, it’s in our blood. Just go ski.

We present to you the full line of 2020 Radar, give it a look at

Herb O'Brien instilled in us a passion to push beyond the norm, to create, innovate and shape the future of skiing. With that in mind, we created the most unique format around town. Skiers are given 6.5 minutes to run as many buoys as they can with as little rope as possible, high score wins. Skiers can fall, skip passes or do whatever they want, the only thing that matters is that they throw down and post a huge score! We invited the most progressive skiers on the planet to see what they can do. This year the Cup was awarded to Corey Vaughn who put it all on the line to get 3.5 buoys at 41 off. Check the mayhem that made up the 4th annual Herb’s Cup.

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