Between rounds at the 2019 California ProAm, MB got to sit down with Matteo Luzzeri for a few.  Unfortunately, the camera on Matteo ran out of battery, so we filled in the last few minutes with some 2018 HO Skis film footage of Matteo, for all you visual people out there...


Held at Thorpe lakes, this phenomenal event saw each of the best water skiers in the world lead a team of amateurs in memory of the greatest skier that ever lived.

Will Asher just won the Malibu Open last weekend, in unbelievable style....beating Nate Smith in a head to head match up, by running potentially one of the best 41 off passes in history...when it counted. Here's a sit down between MB and Willy, in the motorhome, from last weekend at the California ProAm.

What makes the new Syndicate Omega so special? Tune in and turn on! Here's the story behind the ski that's already stood atop podiums worldwide. Check out for more info and to get your own!



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