Today the guys are having a chat about gates, the piece of the pass that can easily set you up for success.



Trent gets into Rossi’s brain and they discuss all the pieces it takes to make a ski come together.

At 240 frames per second, its easy to see why Terry Winter is one of the best in the world on the water. Last night, here at The Ridge, he took a stroll through the slalom course as the sun went down on another crazy day in our World. Slowing down can be a good thing....the recent times have started to teach us all that.

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Bob LaPoint, true life Hero that changed my life -

The year is 1987. The World has 2,700,000,000 less people than it does today, the Giants beat John Elway in the Super Bowl, Richard Branson makes the first Transatlantic flight in a Hot Air Balloon (2,790 miles) & Freddy Krueger is a serial killer....and a 3 event skier. I remember that Plane flight like it was last year though, because it was my first time in an Airplane. Scared, excited, and eagle eyeing out the window harder than anyone in history...there was soooo much to see!!!! And everything looked unlike anything I'd ever seen before....houses, roads, lakes, mountains....all the stuff I'd already become familiar with in my 8 years of life....but it all looked so different from up here. As we made our approach into West Palm Beach Int'l Airport, I remember looking out the window and pointing to the trees and asking my dad "DAD DAD, look at those trees!!!....they look like pine trees!!?? is that possible??!" See, on the west coast, in my world, I had only ever seen pine trees in the mountains...where it snows. I knew Florida had neither of those things, so it blew my mind.

A couple days later, after my brother competed in his first U.S. Water Ski Nationals, my mind was about to be blown again. This particular year, 1987, was the first year the Nationals week would be capped by a US Open on the weekend. It was my second year skiing, and I knew all the names of the best in the World...but I'd never seen them ski anywhere other than ESPN (remember when water skiing was on ESPN?). The weekend didn't disappoint. As an 8 year old kid with stars in my eyes....I remember standing on the shoreline thinking, "These guys were INSANE!!!" Some guy no one had ever heard of, Jeff Rodgers, showed up and cranked the shit out of some 1,3,5's. I remember the rumor being that he'd just started skiing a few years before and ran the slalom course the first time he ever tried it. That, to my little pea-brain, was hard to fathom. And here he was already fighting to beat the best in the World. A West Coast legend, Carl Roberge, ended up tying for 2nd at that US Open, right before my eyes. In 1987 he was the defending Tour champion (5 years later Terry Winter and I were chasing Carl's Jr Boys Western Regional slalom record...3 @ 35 off). I had 2 hero's before getting to watch that US Open..Bob & Kris LaPoint. They were West Coast skiers, and legends around the World. In 1987 Bob LaPoint won the World Slalom Title at Thorpe Park, London (5th World Title) and won at Marine World and the MasterCraft invitational. And when I left Okeeheelee, after witnessing the greatest sporting event I'd ever witnessed, I had a new goal: I wanted to be out there someday, doing what those guys did. The US Open was the seed was everything I needed as a kid looking for something to hold onto..and it was a pivotal moment in my life..the moment that sparked everything that was to come.


“If you know how you got there, you can create culture.” David Benzel guides parents, coaches and leaders on the world of influence. From the earliest moments in his career, he has been helping people grow, change their habits, acquire new habits and gain skills. This conversation is packed with wisdom on leadership, change and dealing with the discomfort of going from point A to point B. His special gift is helping parents of elite athletes positively impact their children in a world where the pressure to perform can test the strongest relationships. As a an elite athlete and parent of two elite athletes, he has an insider’s perspective on how to best equip the parents to be at their best. His lessons translate to every domain where performance counts. 

The boys discuss skiing in adverse conditions and what you can do to step up your game.  

Those first few sets of the year are fun, terrifying and exciting - listen as Rossi and Trent talk about starting your season on the right foot. 


Benny Stadlbaur, who just tied teammate Nick Adams for 4th at the Moomba Masters in Australia, is one of a kind. He's funny, sometimes loud, and very analytical, yet when its all on the line, he can charge just as hard as anyone else in the world. This is yet another conversation between MB and a Syndicate team member, from the Syndicate testing summit at The Ridge in California last September.

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