This week the talk is all about what it takes to move from pass to pass and challenges everyone faces as the rope gets shorter.

Rossi and Trent are talking about core fundamentals and discussing the foundation you need to build before true progression can occur. 

Its been a month since we were forced to close our retail store temporarily due to the Corona-19 Virus. But in that time we have been so blessed to have the support of our customers and it almost feels like we've stepped back in time over 30 years to the day when we opened! Every day is exciting with the chance to help someone out with some new gear, and stories of great times on the water with your family! Listen as our store founder Bill Porter updates us on what is going on at the shop and current status of both the retail store, online store and customer service!

What are you most looking forward to this summer?

Tournaments play a big role in most skier's lives and this week the guys dive into some best practices when it comes to preparing for tournament season.


 Dave Wingerter is an aerospace engineer, a brand manager and vice president of HO Skis, and a pro water skier. He's been leading the Syndicate design Team for 10+ years, and has gracefully overseen some of the best water ski product designs of the past decade. Take a few min to listen to this in depth discussion between MB and DW.

We’re talking about ski trips, the boys chat about the coolest spots they’ve traveled and some of the most iconic locations in the sport.


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