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Watch HO Vice President & Waterski Designer Dave Wingerter break down the similarities and differences between the highly successful Syndicate PRO ski and the new Syndicate Alpha ski. He answers the questions:

What's the difference between the Alpha & Pro?

How do I know which ski is for me?

Was one developed for 34mph vs 36mph?

How did development on the Alpha start?

What's with the 2 new fins settings for Alpha?

Transitioning from PRO to Alpha, what can I expect?

How do the Alpha and PRO compare to previous Syndicate ski models?

Get your PRO here: hosports.com/product/waterskis-syndicate-pro
Get your Alpha here: hosports.com/product/waterskis-syndicate-alpha


Sitting at the foothills of Radar Lake is the Radar Lab. Our boutique operation allows us to hand craft the finest skis on the market. It is here that we are inspired to progress, here that we brainstorm on innovation. The house that Herb built is alive and well, prospering amongst the trees. The Radar Lab is where every product is put through the paces. We use the highest quality performance materials in every product we make to ensure that you are getting the best product time and time again. 

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So why Method by Radix?

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