Episode #4 -- Jaimee Bull (@Jaimee_Bull) and MB talk about the most important fundamental in water skiing: Athletic Stance. Jaimee is an unbelievably accomplished skier and is one of the few women who have ever completed the 10.75m (39.5 off) pass. This is the first, in a multiple part series, with Jaimee Bull. Please leave a comment and let us know what you think, what you wanna hear more of, and who you want to hear more from.

For more on the FlowPoint Method, check us out online: https://www.flowpointmethod.com/the-program

Episode #3 -- Matteo Luzzeri and MB talk about an incredibly important concept: How the best skiers in the world are the best at managing their relationship in space, relative to the boat.....as well as how this can help any skier at any level. For more on the FlowPoint Method, check us out online: https://www.flowpointmethod.com/the-program

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Off season is starting! Time to read what happened on the Waterski Nation Tour across the US.
Marcus Brown and Jenny LaBaw give us some tips to prepare the 2021 season and handle the winter. 
Matt Rini talks about the « ski » approach of the edge change while Thomas Degasperi reveals how he prepares for a tournament. 
And more !

It is with a very heavy heart that I announce that the January 9th Celebration of Life for Dave has been cancelled. Limits on gatherings and a continued rise in COVID cases in Utah mean that the event simply cannot go on.

Originally scheduled for March 14th, it was very disappointing to postpone the event due to COVID, but I held out hope that January 2021 would be safe enough for everyone to attend. I looked forward to a day that would have made Dave smile, including a skier parade down one of his favorite ski runs at Snowbasin Resort, and displays of successful products that he invented, manufactured, marketed and sold throughout his career. He started his company when he was just 19 years old and it evolved into the innovative, technologically-driven leader in the water ski and snow ski pole business that it is today.

However, we simply cannot meet in the current environment. While I would have greatly enjoyed celebrating Dave’s life with many of you in person, I am delighted to share with you a beautiful video (see above) made for the event by friends of ours. The video captures the joy that Dave lived his life with. The music is an original song called “More Love” written by Anna Wilson especially for Dave following the accident on January 15th, and was produced in Huntsville, Utah, by Anna and her husband Monty Powell. It’s a very special and heartfelt tribute to Dave and I thank Anna and Monty immensely.

Thank you for all the support you have given me and the company since Dave’s tragic passing. It has made an extremely difficult situation immeasurably more bearable.

With much gratitude to everyone,



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