A better ski for the type of skiing we love. Imagine the performance of a Syndicate ski, optimized with a low drag tail, for effortless open water free skiing. Few things in life are as exciting as whipping out on your pullout to see a mile of glass laid out in front of you. The acceleration. The arcing carve. The tight line. You settle into that effortless rhythm and just wish it would last forever. Imagine a water ski that could let you enjoy that moment for twice as long with half the effort. That is exactly what the HO Skis Cross- Over Collection was designed to do. If you are a water skier, you owe it to yourself to ride a HO Cross-Over Collection ski and create your moments.

The Radar line of 2017 gloves, handles and jackets is packed and primed for a solid year of swerving. Gloves feature inside out technology and the new Vapor glove has a new Ariaprene backhand for increased mobility and fit. The new Vapor Bar Lock handle allows for maximum leverage with no slip as you engage into your lean. Our new CGA vest has a better fit than ever before and uses flash technology to make the coolest CGA vest ever made. Check out all our new soft good have to offer.

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When Bob LaPoint, the 5-time World Champion and 5-time World Record Holder, tells you he wants a TX with the carbon fiber and lightweight PVC foam core of a Syndicate ski, you better listen! Once you have ridden a Superlite construction ski, you will never go back to traditional materials. The acceleration, the snap of the turn and the lightweight feel combine to create a skiing experience second to none. HO’s Superlite Collection of skis utilizes the game-changing Cross-Over Collection of shapes with the industry’s most advanced construction. If you like the finer things in life, then get on a HO Superlite ski!

Bailey Austin is a Jr Moomba Masters Slalom Champion, a Jr Malibu Open Champion, a Jr US Open Champion and a National Champion.  In addition to being bhaaaad on the water, she's also a very cool individual.  AND, she had a breakout season, ending up on the podium with some of the best women water skiers in the World.

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A glimpse of the blast the Nautique Over 35 Worlds where at SeseƱa Waterski & Wakeboard Complex! Thanks to Nautique Boats PCM Marine Engines Waterproof Pro Shop and Inmobiliaria Medem for making it posible! Enjoy it!

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