This Bob Marley is not who you think he is. He’s not Jamaican, he doesn’t have dreads, and he’s an avid water skier. He and his boys wake up at 6:30 am, cut glass all morning, and then talk about it the rest of the day….only to fall asleep and dream about doing it all over again.

Yeah sure, he still does comedy….and he’s shared the stage with all the big names: Dane Cook, Louis CK, Chapelle, etc… But on this particular afternoon, on the shores of The Ridge outside Chico CA, Bob took a second to share his perspective on the water ski world.

He discussed the following:

Freddie Winter
Moomba Masters
Stephen Neveu
Gators and Skiing
Beginning skiers
Chris Parrish
Jon Travers
J Mac
Corey Vaughn
Dr. Jan Michaels Vincent
Terry Winter

You’re not going to wanna miss this.

For more from Bob, check out his Website and catch one of his shows if you’re on the east coast!

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