Do you have the need for speed? Speed can often be misinterpreted by skiers, listen as the boys talk about the correct balance of speed.


You’ve been training hard and now it’s time to get tournament ready. This week the guys talk about what it takes to transfer what you’ve been working on in practice and make it count on contest day.


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Getting your ski dialed plays a huge factor in the success of your skiing. Listen as the boys talk about the merits of getting your setup dialed and the best way to do it.


Gates, gates, gates, the start is the trickiest to get dialed but also plays the biggest factor in the success of a pass.


Turning is often too much the focal point of people's training rather than understanding it’s a byproduct of many other factors. Listen as the guys dig into this week's discussion on turning.
Today the guys are talking about the perfect path to take while skiing. They discuss ideal path vs perceived path and what is the actual best line to take through the pass.


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