In addition to the forum there are a lot of things that get me excited about the new BallOfSpray web site. After a few years of having forums, the question is, what can I add?

 Below is a list of what I hope will make BallOfSpray the portal of competitive water skiing.

Articles and interviews.

I know a lot of skiers that know a lot more then I do. If I can get them to share, it should be fun to read.

RSS Syndication

From BallOfSpray you will be able to scan many other water ski web sites. See what is happening on dozens of sites without having to find each web site.

Buy and Sell Gear

Find super secret deals on new and used skis or sell your own stuff. Do you have a boar for sale? Lets talk.


A Microblog product call Twitter has been in the bleeding edge of technology for a year or so now. During the last presidential campaign it had a huge impact and became mainstream.

Here is how it works: Once you set your account you can post to your blog by text message or from the internet. You can then subscribe to other users blog and receive their updates via text message or internet.

How I want to use it is, someone who is at a big tournament texts the news to their bog and then automatically everyone who has subscribed gets the message. Imagine you are at the lake waiting to ski and when your phone chirps with the news that CP just ran 1 @ 41 or Karina broke the record again.

Another possibility is that a ProSkier takes up microblogging and you get a daily text message with their thoughts of the day.

All that said my MicroBlog and the MicroBlogs of anyone I follow will be posted at BallOfSpray you can keep up. Join and follow BallOfSpray