2008 Connelly Prophecy
General Feel Rides Deep in the water. Very stable. Requires a lot of physical strength. Ski seems to be always acquiring more and more angle. Handle control on this ski is much more critical then most. 
Heel Side (On Side) Turn Ski is so forgiving in terms of weight distribution that it almost encourages bad habits. 
Toe Side (Off Side) Turn Tip naturally rides deep in the water. There is never a question if this ski is going to turn and turn hard. Ski is very forgiving to weight distribution.
Quarks Fin settings are very critical. Stock F1 settings are a good starting point.
From Second Wake to Ball Ski carves a wide & early arc in front of the ball. If you do not control the handle well, you will not get wide.
From Ball to Second Wake Ski continues to increase angle all the way back to the first wake.