I would like to use this website to help promote ProSkiers and ProSkiing in any way I can. This web site can be an outlet for news, interviews, technical articles & photos. If you want to let the skiing world know what you are up to, lets do an interview. Have an idea for a technical article? I want it. Have your own web site? Lets promote it. Have another idea to raise your profile in the skiing world, let me know.


If you already have a blog or a web site that has current news, I can syndicate your content. That way whatever you write will stay on your site and I will simply show my readers where it is.  You can see examples of this under RSS FEEDS on the left of this page.


Besides traditional content, the one tool I am excited about is Twitter. Never heard of Twitter? Technically Twitter is a MicroBlog that can be updated and read by text message. For fun, you could get all your friends to join.  Any time you want all of them to know what you are doing, you send a text to your Twitter account and they all get it. Example: "Hey guys I am going to the lake at 3 and then going for drinks at the Barn". Or when your ski partners can't make it, she will send and update and everyone will get the text.

Better yet, what if your network was made up of fans or coaching clients? Your messages might include your daily training notes or the highlight of today’s tournament. Your sponsor sends you a new ski that you love and you want all your fans to hear about it. What if Fitz took a huge digger at your lake? Send a Twitter so we all know about it.

Even if you do not have a Tweeter following, if you are a proskier, I can syndicate your Tweeter feed on the front page of the BallOfSpray web site. Maybe Fitz will sign up and tell the world that he has a minor concussion.

My thinking is that  Followers = Fans = Influence= More Value to your Sponsors.


As soon as I publish this I will send a Twitter out to my network. That way they know what I am doing.


Twitter on Plain English http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddO9idmax0o


My personal twitter account is https://twitter.com/JohnHorton

The account for the web site is https://twitter.com/BallOfSpray


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