PerfectPass statement on Star Gazer for 2009 tournament season.

Over the last few months there has been significant discussion around the topic of PerfectPass releasing a Star Gazer upgrade that would mimic the pull of ZO. In fact, PerfectPass tested several versions of this experimental software.

At present, this project is on hold as ZO has released nine (9) new versions which are currently being evaluated. According to the company’s website, these new versions will optimize the pull for a broader range of skiers. This X Version experimental software offers a number of different engine response parameters.

According to a number of skiers, they were able to select a setting that felt softer and more “like PerfectPass”...and that the transition between systems is much easier. Testing and skier feedback should be more definitive as spring draws closer.

While we are fully aware that no two speed controls or different brands of boats will ever ski the same, we are encouraged that the gap between speed control brands appears to be shrinking for the benefit of the sport.

PerfectPass will be re-evaluating this project in a few months. In the meantime, Star Gazer Version 7.0 (62) has a number of improvements over last year. They are:

No need to disengage in the turns making driving easier.
To ensure skiers of all sizes receive an optimal pull, there is a setting for very light skiers and light pullers known as “F” as well as the letter “X” for heavy pullers over 200 pounds.
On mechanical systems, the servo rollback has been reduced by 50% for a crisper throttle feel and quicker engagement.
Calibration can easily be done in open water, without a course.
Software Upgrades will be available soon by simply ordering a plug in “Software Update Device” from PerfectPass. Cost of this device will be $75.

With regards to Promotional Boats for 2009 and the status of approved software. In the United States, PerfectPass Star Gazer and Classic are both fully approved for R Class Events throughout the 2009 tournament season.