In the race to build the lightest ski on the market, RadaR has taken a step back to look at what our goals truly are. The Strada has been touted as the fastest ski on the market by many. Far from the lightest ski on the market, the Strada acquires and maintains its speed through a superior rocker-line.

 Shaving a few ounces off its weight to keep up with its ultra-light competitors resulted in a faster "feeling", albeit less stable ride. Thus RadaR was happy to remain middle of the road in the weight department.

Enter RadaR's newest creation, The Vice. Running the same proven rocker-line and bevel configuration as the Strada, The Vice mellows out the feel one step further by running a polyurethane core,  opposed to the Strada's PVC core material. The result is a damper, more predictable flow through the turn's completion, with no loss of cross-course speed. The Vice starts with a polyurethane block that is then machined to exact specifications before entering the mold. You are left with the tightest-tolerance poly-core ski on the market.

Speed and predictability...'Nuff said.alt