Waterloo, Canada — December 7, 2021 — A large crowd at the 2020 Pan American Waterski Championships in Chapala Mexico cheered the debut of a precision autopilot system by Metamarine RTK. International Waterski and Wakeboard Federation (IWWF) President Antonio Perez was excited and eager to be the first skier to try the new system. The demonstration tow boat was operated by Alvaro Lamadrid, tournament organizer and host at Boca Laguna. The pair made a number of passes through the course, with Lamadrid holding his hands high and even standing up to demonstrate the boat was steering hands-free. Afterwards, Perez commented, “it felt very smooth and natural”.

Driven by Precision

The autopilot system used a high accuracy RTK (real-time kinematic) GPS receiver to provide 2.5cm precision to the steering system. “The advantage of RTK,” said Larry Prong, CEO, “is not just in the accuracy, but the ability to repeatedly perform at that high level of precision, pass after pass.” The skier benefits by getting the same consistent pull, regardless of who is sitting in the driver’s seat. In competition, the repeatability of passes adds another degree of fairness and impartiality to the event. In the training environment it allows the boat driver, often the coach, to focus almost entirely on the skier.

Product Development

Metamarine RTK forecasts the first release of their product in Q3 of 2022. The company plans to implement an advisory committee representing a cross-section of the sport: judges, drivers, coaches and skiers. “What we heard at the Pan Am’s”, said Prong, “is both excitement and caution about the technology. This will redefine the sport, just as speed control did over 20 years ago. It only makes sense that the participants be part of the development process”. To stay abreast of Metamarine RTK developments join their newsletter at www.metamarine.ca.

The Company

Founded in 2020, Metamarine RTK is a world leader in RTK autopilot systems for the recreational marine market. A tech-integration company offering innovations to waterskiing, they partner with industry leaders in GPS, autopilot and power boat technology. Metamarine RTK offers the ultimate ski boat modification - a precision high-speed autopilot.

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