CG Classic



Denali’s patent pending Asymmetrical Hole Design is now available on the standard fin shape! Immediately make your on side turns more automatic, and your off side turns more stable and predictable. Just replace your stock fin with the CG Classic using your same settings, and you will instantly have better turns, more control, and be running more buoys.

It’s as simple as:

  1. Order from and choose Right Foot Forward or Left Foot Forward

  2. Measure your current fin and wing settings before removing

  3. Mount your new CG Classic with your same settings, using your original wing and hardware

  4. Run more buoys!


  • Fits all skis with an adjustable fin

  • Made from aerospace grade 7075 Aluminum

  • Anodized for maximum corrosion protection

  • .09” Thickness (industry standard)

The asymmetrical hole design has been tested and proven by hundreds of skiers.  

Available only at