Method is a 12-week online / mobile accessible functional fitness program formulated specifically for a group of people interested in achieving similar goals.

While you will log in to our mobile app or website to complete your workouts individually, you will belong to a community of people around the world working hard to improve their health, movement and strength just like you. 
Method: Waterski Series 1 was created specifically for waterskiers in the off-season looking to address weaknesses and vulnerabilities while improving their mobility and strength. Waterski Series 1 is an introduction to functional fitness and basic mobility movements with a big picture goal of addressing common aches and pains skiers face at the end of a long season. After the 12 week program, you will have the option of joining Waterski Series 2: Preseason training.
ABOUT RADIX FIT: Radix Functional Fitness was founded by European record holder and World Games Champion, Bojan Schipner. Based out of Winter Garden, Florida, Radix Functional Fitness offers in person one-on-one training to people of all ages and backgrounds with a focus on waterskiers. With clients ranging from Kristi Overton Johnson to Neilly Ross and Dorien Llewellyn to Jon Travers, Bojan has seen a range of aches and issues associated with the long time hurt put on us by chasing buoys. His concept of METHOD is bringing that same process of improving mobility and strength with an intentional purpose for skiers to the entire world of waterskiing through an easily accessible, online training plan.  To learn more visit or follow Radix on Instagram and Facebook @radixfit.