Hello BOS!!!
My name is Matteo Luzzeri and I am water skier from Bergamo, Italy. I was introduced to this website by a friend of mine here at the University of Louisiana, and having managed a water ski news website before I could not avoid to appreciate the up-to-date approach and the richness of content. Noticing that a couple of friends were already writing here, I decided to get in touch with Krista and here I am.

I thought it would be a good idea to start my experience here by throwing some facts about who I am and what I do. Hopefully, nothing too boring…

I am 23 yr old psychology student at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, currently a senior that is trying to graduate in December. I have been part of the water ski team since September of 2007 and I am loving all the experiences that this team and University have been giving me. I ski in all three events and have a lot of fun doing overall, but my heart belongs to the six buoys. I have been part of the Italian Open National team since 2008 and I skied my first pro event in 2009. 

This being said, I will not be taking about myself a whole lot here on Ball Of Spray. I am in the process of building a little website about me, and eventually that will be the space to write about my travelogs and scores. What I want to attempt here is to write about sport psychology, and more specifically water ski psychology. I am going to try to merge my studies and my passion into some articles, and see from there. I hope such articles will be interesting for both pro level skiers as well as amateurs who are at their first experiences with the slalom course, or novice jumpers who are about to face the big red. 


At the present time, I am trying to get ready for the Moomba Masters in the midst of midterm exams, but I will try to have an article online pretty soon.

Until then… keep yourself busy with some skiing!!