One of the hardest things to do while slaloming is to not overdo the pulls. You always feel like you're running just a bit behind, and pulling harder is going to get you earlier to the next turn. Problem is, it's easy to get the angle at first, but much tougher to maintain that angle long enough to be beneficial.


Remember that with the new Zero Off boats the harder you pull against them the more gas they give you in return. What happens is you get to a point that you can no longer increase or even maintain that kind of load, and then you lose everything you had just built up including your outward direction into the next turn. It's more important to have good direction from the second wake out to the buoy than it is to have lots of speed and angle from the buoy to the first wake.

 One thing you need to experiment with is how light you can cut, and still get to the next turn in good position. Instead of coming out of the turns and immediately pulling as hard as you can, try this... think about completing the turn, and getting your best possible body position right away. Once the ski has turned and is pointing towards the wake, and you have your handle close to your hips just see if you can maintain that all the way from the finish of the turn right through the second wake. Don't try to pull any harder than what you have from the finish of the turn, and don't let your body change positions.

What you'll find is that by skiing lighter you'll be able to maintain better body position, and you'll be skiing earlier in the course. Proper body position is much more effective than a hard pull. 

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Written by Terry Winter

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