Growing up waterskiing all I ever heard from Water Ski Schools and in Water Ski Lessons about fine-tuning your waterski was fin movements.  Fin adjustments, fin adjustments, fin adjustments.  It's my personal belief that the binding movement is the most underrated waterski adjustment that you can master.

 Within the past 5-10 years waterski bindings have really seen advancements.  These advancements include the way the bindings can be adjusted.  Bindings for the most part have only been able to adjust in ΒΌ inch increments.  Bindings now come straight from the factory with the ability to move down to the 1/16 or even the 1/32 of an inch.  With the ability to make adjustments this small you can accomplish the same results as fin adjustments if not more and with more control and less time.

Skiing at several different lakes throughout the summer it's necessary for me to make ski adjustments in order to have my ski ready for competition.  Depending on how the water feels my ski usually requires a forward or backward movement of my bindings of a 1/8 - 1/16 inch.  When skiing at home and dialing in a ski my binding movements often get down to a 1/32-inch.   All these movements usually occur with little or no fin adjustments.  I typically start with a standard fin setting and go with my binding movement routine.  If I had to give advice to a fellow waterskier looking for that extra 1-2% edge to get him a few more buoys, I'd say master your binding adjustments and spend less time with your fin.

Written by Nick Parsons

Ski with Nick at Ski Sunset Ranch

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