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From now until December 31st, Method by Radix 12 week program will kick off every Monday. Sign up today and your 12 week program (with three work outs per week) will begin the following Monday. 
Additionally, if you’re interested in the program but want to do a toe-toucher to make sure it is the right fit for you, sign up at . You will be sent one demo workout so you can see how the programs, videos and descriptions work. For more information including an equipment list and pricing, visit or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
More About Method: 
Method is a 12-week online / mobile accessible functional fitness program formulated specifically for a group of people interested in achieving similar goals.
While you will log in to complete your workouts individually, you will belong to a community of people around the world working hard to improve their health, movement and strength just like you.

Perf Demo Sale

Its Time!! For the most anticipated sale of the year…. The Performance Ski and Surf Annual Demo Sale!
Each year we get ready to restock our demo inventory with the latest slaloms from D3, Radar, HO & More….but before we bring in the new skis and boots, we have to make room for them.
That means its time for a SALE!  And our demo sale is your chance to score a great deal on a lightly used slalom, pair of boots and more!
So mark your calendars for November 17th and 18th…this Saturday and Sunday as we are having our 29th Annual Demo Sale
We will have a wide range of skis including Radar Pro Builds, Senates, D3 NRG’s, D3 EVO’s, HO Syndicate Pro, VTX, Omni’s and more!
We also have a great selection of boots including Radar Vapor Boots, Vector Boots & More!
Also make sure you are signed up to our PLC (Performance Loyalty Club) Mailer to get other special offers we are doing on new and closeout ski gear during the Demo Sale as well.
DATES:   November 17th - Saturday 10:00 am - 7 pm EST
November 18th - Sunday.   12:00 pm - 5 pm EST
For more info go to our website at or our facebook page:

Thanks to the mysterious man known as "Scoke"the Water Ski Sites Google Earth file has been updated again.

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A lot of brain power went into the development of Connelly’s new flagship ski, the GT-R. Among the masterminds involved, pro team skier Martin Bartalsky played a pivotal part in guiding the GT-R’s evolution. Check out what he has to say about it.

1. You were part of the testing process for the development of the GT-R. What were you hoping to achieve with the new ski?

I liked the GT a lot, but after some modifications, I found that I preferred more grip under my feet. With more grip, you are able to load the ski easier out of the turn and get to the other side quicker. Grip adds to the support and stability of the ski as well, which is important when you get in trouble and need to rely on the ski to be there for you. Grip is what we were hoping to achieve with the GT-R, and we got it.

2. How exactly where you involved in the overall development of the GT-R?

Doug got me involved during the early stages of the GT-R’s development. I rode a few different models and sent notes back and forth with Doug. He then ultimately decided which one would be the stock ski. I was in love with the finished product from the very beginning and knew it was going to be special after the very first set on it. 

3. What was changed from last year’s GT in order to make a ski for 2019 that is on a whole new level?

The GT-R is noticeably different out of the box. The tip and tail are thicker and the side edge angle has been changed. While it has many of the great characteristics of the GT, the added grip creates incredible room in the course. The GT-R is definitely an improved ride.

4. What are some things people should know about the different ways to setup their GT-R and how to maximize its efficiency for their style?

I recommend that the skiers try all stock setups to find out which one makes them feel more comfortable before fine-tuning. They should know immediately which one they prefer. 

The short and deep set up brings the tip out and drops the tail deeper in the water, making both turns very symmetric. The ski loads easily and holds a ton of angle through the wakes and gets side to side very easily. When you are in trouble this set up makes the ski pretty much bulletproof. The short and deep set up works great for me when I let the ski do its thing without pushing it too hard. 

With the long and shallow settings, the ski rides flatter on the water and is more engaged. It also does not sit as deep and as a result glides easier and carries more speed. However, the turns are not as effortless and thus the turning radius is larger. With long/shallow, you definitely put in more effort to grab the angle through the wakes in order to create the room in the course. I personally like to push the ski hard myself, so this combination works better for me.

5. What is your favorite aspect about the GT-R?

I love the grip under my feet. The GT-R is truly the best ski I have ever ridden. It lets you load early with a ton of angle through the wakes, which creates the speed and lots of room. The ski is incredibly stable and predictable. I love absolutely everything about the it. 

Neilly Ross explains why you should sign up for the 12 week online functional fitness training program, Method by Radix! 

To learn more check out


Method is a 12-week online / mobile accessible functional fitness program formulated specifically for a group of people interested in achieving similar goals.

While you will log in to our mobile app or website to complete your workouts individually, you will belong to a community of people around the world working hard to improve their health, movement and strength just like you. 
Method: Waterski Series 1 was created specifically for waterskiers in the off-season looking to address weaknesses and vulnerabilities while improving their mobility and strength. Waterski Series 1 is an introduction to functional fitness and basic mobility movements with a big picture goal of addressing common aches and pains skiers face at the end of a long season. After the 12 week program, you will have the option of joining Waterski Series 2: Preseason training.
ABOUT RADIX FIT: Radix Functional Fitness was founded by European record holder and World Games Champion, Bojan Schipner. Based out of Winter Garden, Florida, Radix Functional Fitness offers in person one-on-one training to people of all ages and backgrounds with a focus on waterskiers. With clients ranging from Kristi Overton Johnson to Neilly Ross and Dorien Llewellyn to Jon Travers, Bojan has seen a range of aches and issues associated with the long time hurt put on us by chasing buoys. His concept of METHOD is bringing that same process of improving mobility and strength with an intentional purpose for skiers to the entire world of waterskiing through an easily accessible, online training plan.  To learn more visit or follow Radix on Instagram and Facebook @radixfit.

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Chelsea Mills defeated Lori Krueger Covington in the head-to-head final to win the third annual Queens Cup at Little Mountain Lakes near Charlotte, N.C., on Sunday, Oct. 7.

Mills, skiing on her home lake, ran 4½ at 38 off, topping Covington’s 3 at 38 in the final, and claimed the $2,000 first-place check. The Queens Cup, also sponsored by Race City Marine and the Women’s Sports Foundation, was originally scheduled for Sept. 15-16 but was postponed because of Hurricane Florence.

 Mills was the No. 1 seed throughout the two rounds of Saturday qualifying and Sunday’s Sweet 16. Covington, of Texas, was seeded third throughout and defeated No 2 seed Joy Kelley of Tennessee in the final four, running 1¼ at 38 off to Kelley’s 1 at 38.

Mills and Covington are Masters Women skiers, and Kelley skis in the Women 6 age group.

Kelley, 60, represented the mature skiers in the field and held her spot as No. 2 seed through the two qualifying rounds and into the final four. She has been a podium finisher in all three years of the Queens Cup, and also got the skiers fired up with a motivational speech at the Saturday night banquet.

“It would be impossible to duplicate how special a weekend we all had,” Kelley posted on Facebook on Sunday evening. “There is no other event like it … lives greatly impacted and inspired on and off the water! Really happy to get third with so many strong and tough women!”

Strong and tough were keywords in her speech Saturday night as she encouraged everyone present to be emotionally, mentally and physically strong.

“Put blinders on. Find a way that works for you and make it happen,” Kelley said.

The Queens Cup is for women ages 30 and older, and uses a format that allows all ages to compete on equal footing. The event included five Women 7 skiers (ages 65-69), and four of them made the Sweet 16.

Rounding out the money winners and podium finishers were Trish Burt of Florida in fourth place and Erin Peckham of New York in fifth. The rest of the elite eight were Jennifer Wood of South Carolina in sixth place, legendary Leza Harrison, a Women 7 skier from Florida in seventh, and Marla Lott of Indiana in eighth place.

Among the tournament officials were world record holders Nate Smith of Indiana and Jeff Rodgers of South Carolina, renowned drivers Tommy Harrington and Pat Bloodworth of North Carolina, and P.A. announcer Seth Stisher of South Carolina.

Slalom skiing with an endless course? OffCourse™!

Are you tired of spending more time preparing your slalom course then actually skiing? Then listen up, a new way of the slalom skiing we all love is around the corner. Introducing the OffCourse™, a revolutionizing way to roam the water, creating a slalom course on the fly.

The time of big, heavy and inconvenient slalom courses are over, thanks to Swedish company Rodics Innovation. All you need to do is start your boat, plug in the OffCourse™ and you are all set. The OffCourse™ is a patent-pending device that creates a slalom course by creating water splashes where the buoys usually would be. It’s powered by carbon dioxide cartridges, that continuously fires away projectiles to the water which shows you where to turn.

Rodics Innovation has not held back in the making of the OffCourse™, using aircraft grade aluminum and high-quality Swedish stainless-steel to ensure that the device holds for the impact that comes with skiing like a badass. Also, all the projectiles used are totally biodegradable which keeps the water clean even after all the havoc you’ve caused from riding it. The OffCourse™ is a result of years of work, late nights and countless testing sessions. It’s created by enthusiasts driven by a passion to change the way of water skiing as we know it. Making you able to roam the water like never before with a sense of total freedom, leaving no traces behind. It’s just you and the lake, like it should be.

Find out more about the OffCourse™ at Rodics Innovation’s website or on Facebook 

Pre-orders are already available – and the release date is set at May 2019. 

Hobe Lake Ski Club is a new man-made lake located 30 minutes north of the West Palm Beach airport. It is open year-round and has some of the best ski conditions and possibly the most pristine setting to be found anywhere.

The Club is proud to announce its affiliation with Wim DeCree as coach. They welcome all levels and abilities and strive to make your stay as enjoyable and productive as possible.

Their exclusive booking system allows you to book time slots that fit your schedule. This will enable you to make plans to spend time with your family enjoying the quiet beaches and many other area activities Dining, hotels and shopping are all nearby.

Go check out their website and keep them in mind next time you’re looking for some good coaching or for a nice ski vacation!


The 2019 Senate is hands down the best Senate we have ever created. Now updated to follow the shape of our most recent Vapor; this ski is a level riding, symmetrical turning, balanced, dream machine. Known for its ability to carry speed, the Senate allows the skier to maintain width on the boat. This gives a sense of freedom sought after by those that ski in the course as well as those ripping open water turns. By taking our Vapor shape and adding two tenths of an inch in extra width we have created
 a stable riding platform. This platform creates the balance needed for a skier to feel at home, while the profile of the ski allows the skier to feel the speed and angle sought after at any level.

Roberts Joins D3AF


D3 Water Skis from Auburn, WA is proud to announce the addition of 16-year-old Will Roberts of Dow, Illinois to our Elite Junior Ski Team. Will has been one of the top ranked junior jumpers in the Nation since 2010. He currently holds the Boys 2 National jump record of 144’. He was the first skier in history, at 14 years old, to go 170’ on a 5’ ramp. Will also won the Jr. US Open and the Junior Malibu Open Jump titles in both 2017 & 2018. Will is not just an incredible jumper, but he also excels at trick and slalom and has been a top competitor in Overall in Boys 2 and Boys 3.

Freddy Krueger said, “Will has an understanding that is very mature for a young man. He has soaked up what those of us who have gone before him have learned, but he’s not afraid to implement his own natural techniques as well. It’s a great combination. He’s the best I’ve seen at this young age in building a technique that isn’t just good for 31.7 mph, he’s building a technique that will work even better for faster speeds and bigger jumps. He has his eye on the future...that’s going to make him very dangerous...very soon I think. I look forward to watching this great athlete perform on D3 products for years to come”

Follow Will Roberts on our Team web site and in social media as he gets ready for his next event the King of Darkness Night Jump, at the Isles of Lake Hancock on Saturday November 3rd.



Ellie Horton is three event and third generation competitive water skier. She grew up skiing at Horton Lakes, which was built by her grandfather Dr Jack Horton, and began competing when she was ten years old.

Currently, Ellie is a second year student at Florida Southern College. She is studying journalism and skis on scholarship for the FSC water ski team. is ranked 3rd overall in the nation, 9th in the U21 overall world standings, and has her open women’s rating in overall.

She is a member of the D3 water skis Factory Team and is sponsored by CAMARO wetsuits and NewCity Clothing.

Her recent successes have included winning Division I women’s tricks at the 2013 collegiate nationals as well as taking the tricks and overall title at the U21 2014 Pan Am Championships.

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