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On top of all of the struggles 2020 has brought, the Combs family has had to deal with an unthinkable tragedy during this past month. A freak accident has left JB Combs with a complete C4 spinal cord injury. As of right now, he is paralyzed from the shoulders down.

The Combs family call Laku Landing in Colorado their home site. JB, his father Hank, and daughter Ashely are all passionate in serving the west coast ski community and chasing fun on and off the water. We are hoping, through this gofundme, to help JB optimize his recovery capabilities and expand his ability to continue being part of the active communities he has loved throughout his life.

All encouraging messages, prayers, and donations are greatly appreciated!


Waterski Nation decided to launch a free digital magazine for waterski. In collaboration with big name in the industry, this is an « old fashion » new way to follow the action in our sport. Beautiful pictures provided by the best names in the sport and tips and advice from coach and pro skier. 


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With every year, we aim to deliver something fresh to the slalom ski market. Whether that’s building off of previous years’ technology or introducing innovative technology, we strive to meet your needs on the water.

This year, we decided to take it up a notch and bring you something bold and brand new.

Introducing, our latest high-end, competition ski for 2021, the DV8. Featuring patent pending VersaTail technology, this is the most customizable ski ever. Left Isolated Image

Throughout the years, brands have been on a quest to create a ski that checks all the boxes. However, varying styles and skills have the one-shape-fits-all designs falling short.

What if you could choose the shape that best fits you? VersaTail allows you to take your fine tuning to another level. This patent pending technology gives skiers that ability to take a step beyond the standard fin and binding adjustments and choose how they want the water to flow off the tail of the ski. This is made possible through three tail options that come standard with the DV8.

The DV8 is also our most forgiving ski ever built. It’s constructed with an increased rocker, subtle top shape and softened flex pattern that all work in conjunction to allow more room for error and less perfection on the skier’s part.

The DV8 featuring our VersaTail technology is the first and only ski that gives you even more control over how your ski performs.

Connelly DV8 featuring VersaTail — the most customizable, high-performance ski ever.

Learn more at connellyskis.com/dv8


Introducing the all-new 2021 Syndicate PRO. A new shape to take on the impossible.

The new 2021 Syndicate PRO features a Narrower Width, from tip to tail. This allows the ski to roll on to a higher edge angle to drop into the turn more naturally while holding more direction into the wakes. We took the proven, rock solid stable Omega rockerline and increased it’s maneuverability by replacing the flat spot with a Continuous Radius Rocker. The 2021 PRO employs a rounder, larger bevel package that allows the ski to roll on edge better with increased stability. See the video to learn more or come check it out in person in the HO/Syndicate booth at US Nationals.


For 2021 we've updated the Syndicate Hardshell system with clutch improvements. Visit https://www.hosports.com/product/wate... to learn more, get yours and step into the future!

The HO Venom Boot was a favorite in the early 2000s as a soft compliment to the best-selling Animal Boot Collection. Skiers enjoyed the softer feel of the Venom as a rear boot to compliment a stiff front boot. For 2021, we’ve taken that vision of optimized back boot performance, and developed it further. We employed a Soft Natural Rubber toe and heel and combined it with a Thin Natural Rubber overlay. Furthermore, we designed a Low Drag Wrap Configuration, with tucked away connection points, thereby virtually eliminating where the back boot traditionally catches on the water. The result is a sleek rear slalom boot that doesn’t catch on the water, allowing skiers to better maintain speed in the course.


Width is Lift. Omega Max is a wider variant of the Omega design, created to increase acceleration from turn to wakes allowing for the early, tight line skiing skiers’ dream of. For 2021, we’ve taken the highly successful Syndicate Omega design and increased width, providing more surface area for stability in the course, while retaining quicker turning properties. The Syndicate Omega Max also features an Updated Bevel Package. Its rounder, larger bevel allows ski to roll on edge better with increased stability.

jawslake 2020AllStars featureImage canceled
NCWSA All-Stars 2020 CanceledAt the July 30th, 2020 NCWSA Board of Directors meeting, the NCWSA decided to cancel the 2020 NCWSA All-Stars tournament. The topmost influences in the Board’s decision were COVID-19 related restrictions by many universities and drastically low attendance numbers of skiers due to COVID-19 and university restrictions.
Previously, in May, the NCWSA postponed the 2020 NCWSA All-Stars tournament due to COVID-19 restrictions and concerns. After JAWS Lake could no longer host the event had been relocated to the Stevenson Ski Ranch and rescheduled for August 29-30, 2020.

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The non profit - Worldwaterskiers.com is launching the Water Ski Games. A revolutionary approach to water ski tournaments!

With inspiration from other successful sports such as Crossfit and the pressure to find a way to keep people competing through COVID-19 times, the team has pulled out all the stops to come up with a great way to do this.

Relative to today’s top scores, slalom tolerances are quite lax.

  • -10 cm for rope and handle

  • -23 cm for the width of the slalom course

  • -20 cm for the boat path

  • -4 cm for the buoy’s diameter

Most people don’t realize it, but a tournament can still follow World Record tolerances and transform a 39 off/10.75m  into a 38 off/11.25m!

We know we said we are paying for 10 first-time Juniors' GOODE Nationals entry fees, but 13 signed up so we're paying for them all!

Congrats to these first-time Nationals skiers and see you in Louisiana!



Lexie Adamczyk, Girls 4 - Lake Lotawana, MO

Loren Adamczyk, Girls 3 - Lake Lotawana, MO

Jacob Bucher, Boys 1 - Syracuse, IN

Joy Bucher, Girls 1 - Syracuse, IN

Rhett Bucher, Boys 1 - Milford, IN

Eliza Denninger, Girls 2 - Windermere, FL

Adah Hardin, Girls 1 - Louisville, KY

Jack Herzog, Boys 3 - Thorndale, TX

Connor Johnston, Boys 1 - Rossville, TN

Charlie Rose Jones, Girls 1 - Mequon, WI

Aaron Parr, Boys 3 - Newberry, SC

Camryn Reese Waters, Girls 3 - Lady Lake, FL

Clara Wilson, Girls 3 - Montpelier, VT

#DoGoodeBeGoodeSkiGoode #SkiForDave

workshop flyer

Hello everyone, 

I am happy to announce new dates for my photography workshop. The last version was great, we had a blast and everyone learned some tips from me. 

Hopefully, I can help more people to take better waterski photographs!

The objective of this workshop is to enhance your water ski photos, take it to the next level and enjoy every moment of it.
According to what I think could be my best contribution to you; I have thought the following program:






I am very excited to give you some feedback how to work on your weaknesses and strengthen your skills!

Web: www.tiaremiranda.com 

Instagram: @tiaremirandaphotography 

Email personal: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel Chile: +569 85008339 (Whatsapp) 



One of the highlights of Dave Goode's year was handing out awards at the Nationals Junior banquet. He loved seeing the sport's up-and-coming skiers and appreciated the opportunity to reward them for their hard work and dedication.
As a way to honor Dave's memory and encourage the sport's next generation, GOODE Skis is paying the entry fee for 10 Juniors competing in their first-ever Nationals at this year's 2020 GOODE Water Ski Nationals Championships in Zachary, La.
If you know a first-time Junior competitor who'd like to receive a free entry fee, view the details here. 
For 2021 we’ve taken everything you’ve come to love and expect from the ProStar - its impeccable wakes and exclusive DNA - and thoughtfully integrated features that not only cater to the skier, but to the driver and crew. 
You wanted more attention to detail. And we’ve delivered. 
25 details to be exact. 
The best just got better.

All water skiers now have the opportunity to learn from the best.

Salt Lake City, Utah – June 18, 2020 -Givego, an on-demand virtual coaching service, and Radar Skis, a leader in watersports equipment, today announced that the companies have partnered to bring world-class virtual coaching to the watersports community through Givego’s proprietary technology.


“Radar Skis has a world class team of ambassadors” says, Willie Ford, Founder & CEO of Givego. “We are both humbled and excited to bring their incredible team of ambassadors to the masses through Givego’s technology.”

Now, any water skier in North America can connect and learn from Radar’s pro team. Radar’s roster includes Chris Rossi, Whit McClintock, Matt Rini, Jason McClintock, Corey Vaughn, Cole Giacopuzzi, K.C. Wilson, Trent Finlayson, and Brooks Wilson.

“Waterskiing is a sport where a minor adjustment in technique can make a huge difference in your performance.” Says Chris Rossi, Chief Ski Designer & Team Legend. “I know that all of us on Radar Nation are really excited to get on Givego to start interacting and coaching all levels of water-skiers.

Givego is incredibly easy to use. As a user, simply upload a video, highlight what you are working on, choose your pro, and within just a short period of time, you’ll receive personalized feedback through Givego’s proprietary video analysis technology.

“Givego brings Radar Nation to our customers, fans, and followers. Says Brooks Wilson, Brand Manager at Radar Skis. “Now, any water skier, anywhere, can interact and learn from our incredible professional athletes and coaches. Connecting all water skiers to these professionals is a game changer.”

To learn more, visit www.givego.io or download Givego from the App Store and connect with Radar Nation.

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It is with great sadness we announce that due to circumstances beyond our control the 2020 CA Pro Am has been canceled. We are Grateful to everyone for supporting the event for 17 years. From our amazing officials, awesome skiers and loyal spectators. A huge shout out to Shortline Lake for the opportunity to host the event at their beautiful lake. Thank you to #Nautique #goode #babesboatcare #masterline #eaglesports #hosports #D3skis we are thankful for our sponsors for all theses years. We are hopeful we can return next year but until then please stay safe, healthy and get out there and ski! 

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