O'Brien EliteChris Parrish Autographed O'Brien Elite for sale on ebay - (for sale by LA Night Jam) . This ski will be signed by Chris Parrish himself before being sent to the winner.  The elite comes in 65.5", 67", or 68.5" (the winner decided!). Sold Blank.   GET IT!

Radar SkisDo you have a video that deserves to be on BallOfSpary? Do you have a story about a great ski club or event? Can you explain Zero Off? If so get your videos, photos, drawings, stories, articles, sculpture or whatever and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

The best submission between 5/19/09 and 6/15/09 will win a swag bag from Radar Skis.

It's been 6 years since a region outside the host region won all-stars but it finally happened in 2009 as the midwest showed depth and consistency for the 3700 poiint victory.  After mens slalom they led by 50 and after womens slalom the East had the lead.  But tricks and jump would prove the difference as the Midwest would pull away easily by mid-day Sunday.

It was the largest all-stars turnout since the formation of the 10 skiers format with over 120 skiers.  Beaver Lake and all their sponsors put on a great event as this is the 3rd all-stars there in 6 years.  Daniel Odvarko continued where he left off at Nationals by easily winning mens slalom with 4 @ 39.  In womens slalom Micheala Cooper and Karen Stevens tied for 1st with 3 @ 35 off.  ASU teammates Stormy Selsor and super smoken hot Danielle Stagar won respective trick events and overall titles.  And in the pouring rain Sunday Storm Selsor and Kayla McClure each took home 1st in jump.

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Syndicate Team spent the 2008 tournament season refining the very successful Syndicate A1 shape specifically for the 34mph tournament scene.  The result is the newest ski in the Syndicate Program, the Syndicate S1. The world’s first 34mph specific super ski.  Designed specifically for the 34mph speed, turn support and line you’ve been dreaming of. 

Nautiques Eagle VestCorrectCraftFan.com has partnered with Eagle Sports to offer officially licensed Nautiques by Correct Craft branded competition ski and wakeboard vest (Not USCG Approved). We have taken the acclaimed Eagle 1 Vest and added to it a vertical Nautiques by Correct Craft logo on front and Nautique 'N' centered on the upper back. In addition, this exclusive vest is 10% off when you use the CCFAN code at checkout.

Steve LockeHorton: I want to start out this interview by commending you for your weekly blog. I think that in years past there has been a lack of transparency at USA-WS.

Locke: Thank you. Both Jim Grew, president of USA-WS, and I decided early on that we needed to bring renewed transparency to USA-WS, and we thought that the weekly report would be one component in doing so.

Global InvitationalAmerica’s Premier Pro Water Skiing and Wakeboarding Competition,                       
Global Invitational 2009, hits West Michigan June 27, 2009.
Participants will compete for nearly $30,000 in prize money.

Wayne CanfieldIf you’ve been around tournament skiing for any length of time, the odds are you’ve been pulled by Wayne Canfield, or scored by his wife Barbara. Wayne is one of the most respected boat drivers in the world and an exceptional skier as well. Active in organized skiing for over 40 years, Wayne and Barbara are fixtures at local, national, and world events.

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   LA Night jam 2009 Think Darkness... www.lanightjam.com

Bigger and better? More crowd interaction, more excitement, more extreme, more danger!? How can we make waterskiing a spectator sport!? This is what three essential waterski industry guys sat down to ponder one evening bya beautiful lakeside sunset; Jay Bennett of Bennett’s Waterski and Wakeboard School, Aarne Clow of Matercraft Boats, and Chris Sullivan of Radar Skis. “How can we make this better?”


“We started testing this new design over 18 months ago. After numerous test molds and countless prototypes I am proud to announce the fruit of our labor has arrived a bit early. Originally slated for an August/September release, the new 2010 D3 Z7 is ready for “competitive” consumption. I could spend valuable ski time writing all the usual hype that goes along with a new ski but it really is not necessary. This ski can do all the talking for me. Two simple words… RIDE ONE. The reviews have been nothing short of miraculous. Don’t be the last to see how good the new Z7 really is.”
“Welcome, 2010 is here a bit early.

Paul Crawford


D3 Z7At D3 the future is NOW. The Z7 is a completely new ski design. Wider than its predecessors, the Z7 carries the workload in its beefy, wider center section located directly under the front foot. The tip section of the Z7 has not been made wider. By keeping the tip width more traditional the Z7 engages the turns with minimal skier effort. The tail surface area has been moderately increased. This keeps the tip of the ski riding at the proper attitude creating more speed and glide out to the turns. Since the tail is now effectively wider, increased inside radius side-cut was added giving the Z7 effortless turn initiation and a very progressive load to the wakes. Wider, but still catering to an endless variety of slalom course styles. http://store.d3skis.com/

LA Nite Jam Ron ScarpaLA Night Jam Ron Scarpa Signature Series Eagle Barefoot Suit for sale @ EBay.  As a sponsor for the LA Night Jam, Eagle Sports has specially made this suit.  It is signed by Ron himself and will be seen on the water under the lights at LA Night Jam 2009 in Zachary, Louisiana.  All procedes will go towards defraying the costs of the tournament.

Suit size: M Tall




Arnold Schwarzenegger The Governor of California is trying to eliminate the Department of Boating and Waterways even though the legislature rejected the proposal earlier in the spring.   This threat is considered to be the most serious yet and most likely to be successful.

The proposal for elimination goes to the State Senate Subcommittee #2 on May 7 so time is SHORT.   The Subcommittee has only three members:


Pro Slalom Events, LLC’s goal is to bring water skiing back to the national spotlight giving our spectacular athletes a stage to perform on. Founded by Dana Reed, Pro Slalom Events, recreated the Pro Water Ski Tour for the 2008 season which became an immediate success. In 2009 Pro Slalom Events will continue its 2008 momentum supporting events in North Carolina and Michigan. Through its passion and enthusiasm for water skiing Pro Slalom Events will continue to bring the amazing talent of these athletes to fans across the country and around the world for many years to come. 


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