Kruger and Asher dominate the Global Invitational at Placid WatersComplete results in Excel here

A few funny videos from the weekend there

Global InvitationalAmerica’s Premier Pro Water Skiing and Wakeboarding Competition,
Global Invitational 2009, hits West Michigan June 27, 2009.
Participants will compete for nearly $30,000 in prize money.

Nautique has done the unbelievable. They have developed a ski boat like no other in the industry, a boat that will completely revolutionize our industry.

When I joined the Nautique team, the current boat was the Ski Nautique 2001. In the 27 years since I’ve been on the team, Nautique has had only three new tournament ski boats. Each time they have revolutionized the industry and set the competition on a multi-year quest to try and catch up. Now, they’ve done it again.

Correct CraftGenuine Correct Craft, 100% Nautique. That was the goal when we created the 2009 Ski Nautique 196 Edition. The purpose was to pay homage to the classic ski boat of the past while adding in all the performance and options found in a 2009 Nautique.

The boat’s creation was the collective efforts of Ken Reynolds of Adirondack Marine, Dave Hendricks of Correct Craft Customer Care and myself, the owner/operator of (Note: the development of this boat was not funded by Correct Craft, Inc.)

As a tribute to the early 70’s, the Ski Nautique Edition is one solid color, Crush Orange, for both the hull and deck. It also has a 70’s era white ‘racing stripe’ on the deck and matching ‘boot stripe’ on each side. The interior is all Silver Cloud except for Vapor Blue piping accent and the embroidered logo on the seat backs.

The ‘Orange Crush’, as it has been nicknamed, is powered by a PCM 6.0L Catanium 409 (that’s 409 hp with twin catalytic converters). The boat also features ZeroOff speed control and the patented Hydro-Gate. This boat is really something to see, drive and ski behind.

Parrish and Nowlan take Pro Titles. Dave Miller takes the Big Dawg.

Read the Play-By-Play.

Pro Event and

Big Dawgs and

After months of rigorous performance and durability testing, we are so confident in the superior quality of the RTM constructed Elite ski that we are offering a 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects. This covers any kind of breakage, delamination, or any other problems caused as a result of manufacturing defects. And of course, the extended warranty comes FREE with the purchase of a new Elite ski.

RTM constructed Elite skis have been proven to be up to 50% stronger in break tests than compression molded carbon fiber skis, as well as having a practically unlimited lifespan with proper care. This is a result of the consistency provided by RTM. Find out more about RTM and the Andy Mapple designed Elite at Contact your local O’Brien dealer today to inquire about taking a demo ride on the new Elite!

Another skiing tradegy has happened, this time in upstate New York at the lake of Crystal and Darrell DeBey.
Disabled skier, John O'Neill (54) was running the slalom course at 32 mph when he had a fall and his head most likely went through the handle bridle.  John was killed instantly when the rope came tight.

INTGrove, OK (June 1, 2009) - June 6-7, the INT League will host waterski, wakeboard, wake skate and kneeboard events in Oklahoma for the first time. Snider’s Camp on Grand Lake is the location of the first and second stop, this Saturday and Sunday. 

ZACHARY, LA- Due to economic crisis, the MasterCraft Pro Waterski Tour has been canceled for 2009. But have no fear! Despite the industry situation, the LA Night Jam will be making a return to the Baton Rouge area on Saturday June 6. This event can be described as an extreme sports competition meets family festival. Set under a stadium lit lake, local vendors, musicians, athletes and fans gather for the most unique night out of the summer. There is something for everyone including: eats and drinks, shopping, amusements, children’s entertainment, a full bar… even a dog park! A broad spectrum of watersports will be included but only the best waterski jumpers in the world will qualify for their chance to compete in the LA Night Jam finals held under the lights.


We are very happy to see Dave Goode GOODE SKI TECH, announce a contingency program for competitors skiing Goode products.  Please go to Goode web site for details.   Dave Goode has supported the Big Dawg every year since the first Big Dawg in 2004.   We are pleased to have Goode Ski Tech. involved with the 2009 Big Dawg.

I am a huge believer in video coaching so I contacted Seth Stisher and asked him to do a sample lesson for BallOfSpray. Below is what Seth had to say about my skiing.

Trust me, I will be thinking about Seth’s comments when I get to the lake tomorrow.

INTWaterski, Wakeboard, Wake Skate and Kneeboard Event

St. George, UT (May 28, 2009) - For the first time, the INT League will host waterski, wakeboard, wake skate and kneeboard events in Utah. Stop one is this weekend, May 29 -30 at Sand Hollow State Park in Washington County, located in Southern Utah. 

The INT League offers divisions for skiers, wakeboarders, wake skaters, and kneeboards from novice all the way up to pro. Each division is based on ability level, providing a non-intimidating environment for participants to compete against competitors of similar ability levels. INT offers divisions for both kids and adults. 

O'Brien EliteChris Parrish Autographed O'Brien Elite for sale on ebay - (for sale by LA Night Jam) . This ski will be signed by Chris Parrish himself before being sent to the winner. The elite comes in 65.5", 67", or 68.5" (the winner decided!). Sold Blank. GET IT!


O'Brien Elite


They stand over 6 feet tall. They are Ragin' Cajun Alums. They are ranked among the top slalom skiers in the world and they will be battling it out for bragging rights under the lights at the LA Night Jam.

They are USA's Ian Trapp and Canada's Trent Finlayson and both ski for RADAR Waterskis, who will present a unique head-to-head slalom challenge between these two top-ranking skiers. Watch in amazement as these athletes take on the slalom course and each other, executing eye-popping turns and acelerating to break-neck speeds in ever-decreasing line lengths.

Just one more reason why YOU should not miss this year's LA Night Night Jam!

 Siemers, McClintock, Nowlan, Asher, Fladborg, and Kruger all take gold at 50th Masters



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