It's official,  Dave Millers new record has been approved.   Dave Miller set new Canadian, 34 mph slalom record at Obrien /Nautique Big Dawg in La.  4 at 41 off. behind a Ski Nautique and on his Goode 9900.   Congratulations Dave.  

It'S the Big Dawg World Slalom Record. The US National Record is 3 1/4 at 41 set by Clay Neil at the Big DAwg Finals in 2008  The previous Canadian record was 3 at 41 help by Todd Johnson, also set at the  Big Dawg Finals in 2008.    WILL A NEW BIG DAWG WORLD RECORD FALL AT THE FINALS THIS YEAR IN WEST PALM? 

World GamesTen U.S. water ski athletes began competition at the 8th World Games on Wednesday in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The World Games, first held in 1981, is an international multi-sport event meant for sports that are not contested in the Olympics. The water ski program, which runs through Saturday, consists of three-event water skiing, barefoot water skiing and wakeboarding. Results

We are the “Rogue Waterski Team” of Southern Oregon and we currently have a waterski club with 10 families.  We have been deeply saddened by the loss of our youngest member, Dylan Robert McNeil.  Dylan became very ill with bacterial meningitis. This type of infection is very aggressive and in Dylan’s case progressed too rapidly for successful medical intervention.  Dylan passed away one day shy of his 2nd birthday.  This was so sudden and completely devastating for the McNeil Family.  They are like family to all of us, and we are all struggling as to why this happened.  Dylan will always be remembered for his BIG smile and infectious giggle. 

Malibu Boats(Abbotsford, BC, Canada) – The World’s top water skiers and jumpers will gather in Abbotsford, British Columbia September 18 – 19, 2009 to lean towards greatness behind a Malibu Response LXi. The Fraser Valley Water Ski Club is offering their man-made lake in Albert Dyck Park as the springboard to World Records. With this unique facility and the right water conditions, anything can happen. Join FVWSC, Pro Slalom Events LLC and Malibu Boats for an excellent couple days of Pro slalom skiing and jumping in the water ski capitol of Canada.

Ryan Dodd wins Dubna World CupDubna,  Russia, July 12, 2009  -  Ryan Dodd of  Olds, Alberta has won  the Jump event at  the International Waterski  Federation’s first World  Cup event of the  season. The 24 year-old  leaped an impressive  67.1 metres in the  finals, which earned  him a tie with  fellow Canadian Jaret  Llewellyn. The pair  were forced to compete  in a sudden death  “jump-off” where Dodd  delivered a solid jump  of 66.4 metres. Unfortunately,  Llewellyn was unable  to complete his jump  as he hit the ramp  too fast and crashed  into the water. He  was not seriously injured.

General:  All events will be USA Water Ski Sanctioned and will follow  USA Water Ski regulations and protocol.   All Qualifiers and event finals will adhere to the rules as outlined by USA Water Ski and this document.  See Regional Guide for more specifics.

Who is eligible / Entry information: Skiers 35 and older who have not placed in the top 10 in a Pro Slalom Tournament in the past 3 years or any skier over the age of 50.   All skiers meeting the eligibility criteria above, and submit to the tournament registrar an (a) entry form, (b) proof of membership in USA Water Ski and (c) advertised entry fee.  Entries are limited to 50, and will be accepted on a first come, first-serve basis.

World Cup of Water SkiingMoscow’s two international Airports were busier than usual today with the arrival of the Waterski World Cup athletes from twelve countries making their way to the city of Dubna for the first World Cup Stop of the 2009 season. The impressive huge roadside posters advertising the event, plus the excellent weather forecast, should ensure that the 30,000 seats waiting at the Volga River stadium will be full on this Saturday and Sunday. Temperatures of 29C and sunshine are expected with a light breeze.

MasterCraft Boat Co. is one Knoxville-area economic indicator that apparently is seeing a turnaround.

And some 175 laid-off MasterCraft employees are feeling relief since the boat maker's recent restructuring prompted their rehiring.

John Dorton, MasterCraft president and CEO, said Tuesday that all rehired employees have been notified, with some starting work Monday and Tuesday, while others begin work today manufacturing boats.

Dorton explained that MasterCraft went from 650 employees last year to 40 this year. By the end of this week the Vonore facility will have 218 employees on the job, he said.

We are sad to announce that the 2009 INT US Championships have been postponed until 2010. The tour winners in each state in 2009 will be invited to participate in the 2010 US Championships in whatever division they participate in, in 2010. The location of the 2010 Championships has not been decided, but we are looking into some fun, new sites. We hope to come back next year even stronger then before.

38 off , 39 off , and 41 off Regina Jaquess Water Ski World Slalom Record - boat camera

Big DawgsOBRIEN ELITE,    At the O'Brien/Nautique Big Dawg this, weekend, In Mich.  O'Brien/ Nautique are giving away a new O'Brien Elite Ski.  Drawing, anyone and everyone present is eligible to win.  Good odds, to win Ski.    Not to mention, you might see the best 34 mph skiing in the world.   CC will also have a 2010 Ski Nautique there.   All the boys are coming.  Tynan, Morgan, Badal, Larson, Scott, LaPoint, Miller, Johnson, Raily, Favrat, Dehlinger,  and more.   It's going to be a slug fest.  http://www.skibigdawg.comO'Brien Elite

WAVE Camp is a program of the City of Sacramento, Department of Parks and Recreation, Access Leisure section, in partnership with CSUS, Disabled Sports USA, and United Cerebral Palsy.

WAVE Camp is based at California State University Sacramento and is open to children 10 to 25 years old with physical disabilities. Disabilities include: Spina Bifida, Cerebral Palsy, Amputee, Spinal Cord Injury, Muscular Dystrophy, and other orthopedic impairments. Campers participate in purposeful fitness, recreational, competitive and social activities such as water skiing, kayaking, swimming and scuba diving. This summer adventure camp is designed to provide instructional and recreational aquatic opportunities to youth and young adults. If you would like more information on this program, please contact Jenny Yarrow at (916) 808-6017.

WAVE Camp runs from July 6th to July 16th, 2009.  When the state legislature passes the budget, it is a near certainty that 47 of these campers will loose 100% of the funds that have previously been available to them to attend this life changing residential aquatics camp.  As this vote may very well come at the final hour, we simply can not wait to ask for assistance to secure this camping opportunity.

Please visit this link to learn more about WAVE Camp.

June, 29 2009, 09:53 AM 
MasterCraft reports that it has found a way to return to viability without filing for bankruptcy protection, and is asking its vendors to accept a staged repayment plan or a discounted immediate payment.

While this is an out-of-court process, it will take a "significant amount of cash to restart production and normalize the company," CEO John Dorton said in a June 5 letter to vendors.

"This is a very happy outcome compared to what it could have been and what else we're seeing in the industry," Dorton said in a phone message to Soundings Trade Only. "This will be out of court, and we're just looking for our vendors to help us."


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