The 4th Under 21 Water Ski World Championships got under way Thursday in Chapala, Mexico. A four-member team and several independents are representing the United States at the biennial event that runs through Sunday. Results will be posted as soon as they become available.

Members of the U.S. Under 21 Water Ski Team are: Caroline Hensley (Hixson, Tenn.), Alex Lauretano (Morris, Conn.), Adam Pickos (Santa Rosa Beach, Fla.) and Zack Worden (Deltona, Fla.).
In addition to the team members, several U.S. athletes are competing as independents at the event, including: Michaela Cooper (Moneta, Va.), Erika Lang (Gilbert, Ariz.), Keri McClure (Van Wert, Ohio), Olivia McDonald (Fayetteville, N.C.), Lauren Morgan (Odessa, Fla.), Storm Selsor (Fremont, Calif.), Nate Smith (McCordsville, Ind.), Jonathan Travers (Groveland, Fla.), and K.C. Wilson (Winter Springs, Fla.).

HO Hyper Lite OWCFor the past ten years, OWC has reigned as the premier Cable/Wake Park in the U.S.  Located in Orlando, Florida at the epicenter of today’s Wakeboarding scene, OWC is the place to ride. 

If you’ve been in the sport of Wakeboarding for more than five years, you’ll know that OWC was originally a Hyperlite stomping ground.  HO Sports Company, Inc. and its brands, Hyperlite, HO Skis, Syndicate, Accurate & Byerly Boards, are excited to announce that once again that is the case, and we can say we’re home!

OWC is now the official home for Hyperlite Wakeboards & HO Skis!  The scope of this relationship is huge. OWC will serve as our Demo Center, Research & Development Facility, Event Center and more.  HO Sports Company, Inc. looks forward to hosting parties on the eve of Surf Expo once again.

For complete details visit us at today!

Under 21 Water Ski WorldsThe 2009 U21 World Ski Championships will be held at Lake Boca Laguna in Chapala, Mexico. BocaLaguna is a 750 meter (2400 feet) man made lake built in 2007 to the specifications of the International Water Skiing Federation.

Boca Laguna is located  next to the biggest lake of Mexico called Lake Chapala. Chapala, Jalisco is located 40 km from the city of Guadalajara (40 minutes drive) and only 20 minutes from Guadalajara International Airport.

The University of Louisiana-Monroe water ski team won its fourth consecutive Division 1 national title at the 31st Collegiate Water Ski National Championships, Oct. 22-24, at Ironwood Ranch in Arvin, Calif. The Warhawks tallied 12,080.0 points in winning their 22nd title in the history of the event. Alabama finished second, scoring 10,985.0 points.

Cal Poly Girls

Pictured above are the ladies of the Cal Poly Ski Team. Cal Poly did a fantastic job of hosting the event and deserves a big "Thank You" from the world of College Water Skiing.

Lousiana-Monroe wins 22nd National Collegiate Waterski Title D1 Results

Madison pulls off huge comeback to take Division-II Nationals D2 Results

Twenty-two of the nation's top collegiate water ski teams will compete in the 31st Collegiate Water Ski National Championships, Oct. 22-24, in Arvin, Calif. Hosted by Cal Poly and sanctioned by USA Water Ski and the National Collegiate Water Ski Association, the competition will include 12 teams in Division 1 and 10 teams in Division 2. National team champions will be declared in both divisions. Individual medals for slalom, tricks and jumping will be awarded based on athletes' placements within their division. Overall titles will be awarded in each division to athletes competing in all three events.

The Division 1 field includes: Alabama, Florida Southern, Rollins,Purdue, Iowa State, Illinois, Louisiana-Monroe, Louisiana-Lafayette, Texas, Arizona State, Chico State and San Diego State.

The Division 2 field includes: Clemson, Georgia, Cincinnati, Wisconsin, Michigan, Kansas, Texas A&M, Texas State, Cal Poly and Western Washington.

Louisiana-Monroe is the three-time defending Division 1 national champion. Cincinnati is the defending Division 2 champion.

The National Collegiate Water Ski Association, a sport division of USA Water Ski, is comprised of more than 90 collegiate water ski teams from four regions. Intercollegiate water ski competition began under the NCWSA in 1979. For more information, visit  Running orders  Rankings

THURSDAY October 22nd, 2009
Lake 2 (Start: 7:00am)
Division 1 Women's Slalom
Division 1. Men's Slalom

Lake 1 (Start: 7:00am)
Division 2. Women's Jump
Division 2. Men's Jump (Followed by Award Ceremony)

FRIDAY October 23rd, 2009
Lake 2 (Start: 8:00am)
Division 2. Men's Slalom
Division 2. Women's Slalom (Followed by Award Ceremony)

Lake 1 (Start: 7:30am)
Division 1. Men's Tricks
Division 1. Women's Jump

SATURDAY October 24th, 2009
Lake 1 (Start: 7:30am)
Division 1. Women's Tricks
Division 1. Men's Jump

Lake #2 (Start: conclusion of D1WT) approx 11:30am
Division 2. Women's Tricks
Division 2. Men's Tricks (Followed by Award Ceremony)

***Times could be changed at Officials Meeting by the NCWSA Board and Chief Judge.
RAIN DAY: None. It is the intention of all concerned


October 7th, 2009 OGDEN, UT - Chris Parrish joined Team GOODE on September 4, 2009. He tied the Men’s World Slalom Record of 1-1/2 buoys at 43′ off / 19.75 m line length on September 5th and then again on September 6th at Ski Ranch, in Covington, LA.

In this Video, Chris describes his feelings about joining Team GOODE and his impressions of his new GOODE 9900SL Water Ski. The video also shows, until now, the “before-unseen” Official’s Boat Camera from his September 6, 2009 World Record run.

During Chris’s interview section of the video, Dave Goode’s GOODE Ski Lake is featured, along with the new GOODE PowerBuoy.

GOODE Ski Technologies is located in Ogden, Utah, USA, and is the World Leader in the manufacture of CARBON Fiber Water Skis, Snow Skis and Ski Poles. GOODE Water Skis hold both the Men’s and Women’s World Records. For more information, visit

John Horton Water SkiHere, in California, the 2009 season is pretty much over. The water temps are dropping, and wives are suggesting to husbands that they spend some time away from the lake. At BallOfSpray, this marks the end of our first real season as an integrated web portal and forum.  Despite the endless typos made by the editor, the web site has grown far beyond expectations.  If you will huddle around your computers to stay warm all winter, BallOfSpray will be here for you.

Freddy Krueger World Cup Water SkiThis was the 28th Stop of the Waterski & Wakeboard World Cup series of the International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation (IWWF). It was staged for the first time  in this South West Monsoon region of China – a major car manufacturing and tourist area. The pristine clean downtown River Liu was the venue. Over 50,000 spectators attended. Live TV coverage distributed to 800 million viewers was provided by 20 TV Stations in the CCTV network. The World Cup’s own TV production team / ProActive, will distribute the edited TV Show and News Edit to another 500 million over the coming week.


Temperatures exceeded 32C today with a very comfortable light head breeze and clear blue skies. Suntan lotion and Oakley’s were the uniform for all !  After the breathtaking Water Show and Fireworks display last night, the Liuzhou hospitality continued all day for the Riders and Skiers. Excellent food, on-time comfortable transport and first class on-site facilities for all the World Cup team added to the sense of excellence. Congratulations once again to our generous Liuzhou City hosts. The level of Media coverage and Photography coverage was again impressive.

Holy Sheep Dip!

Video by Lightfoot or Freddy or both .. . . . or CRB . . . I have no idea.


It is confirmed:   Nautique will support and sponsor the Big Dawg Series for 2010.   In this extremely challenging Global economy, Correct Craft will again, step up and support the Big Dawg Series.  This decision confirms Nautiques commitment to tournament water skiing.

In an effort to give other clubs and water ski sites around the country an opportunity to experience the excitement of the Big Dawg,  new locations will be considered for 2010.   Any club or site, wishing to Host a Nautique Big Dawg tournament for 2010, please contact Big Dawg coordinator;  Greg Davis   at   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    There is an extreme sense of urgency ( if interested in Hosting a Big Dawg) to contact Greg ASAP. It is imperative that we finalize dates and locations as soon as possible. 

I just watched 32 Accounts for about 15th time since August. This movie is equal parts Pro Skier's bios, killer footage and pure fun. If you watch carefully, there may even be a love story or two. The film includes footage and interviews of water ski royalty like Rossi, Freddy and Jaret, but the core of the film is about the newly famous and younger elite.

This film shows the personal sides of Karina Nowlan, Will Asher, Thomas Asher, Aaron Larkin, Zack Worden, Nicole Arthur, June Flodborg, Ray Stokes, Jonathan Travers, Brooks and KC Wilson. Ray is not all that young but you get the picture.  

If you are looking to learn to be a better skier, this film is not going to help. On the other hand if you ever wanted to see Zack Worden skiing naked, Tom Asher getting a hair cut, Karina Nowlan flipping on a trampoline, Rossi snow skiing, or Will Asher slaloming in a suit and tie, this is the film for you. Mixed in with the fun is spectacular footage of the Pros doing serious skiing on many of the most beautiful ski sites in the southern U.S.

I highly recommend this DVD to get you fired up this off season. For extra insight into the lives of these Pros, I also recommend the directors comments in the bonus features.  


THE 32 ACCOUNTS DVD- From Ball of Spray




Cypress Gardens Closes
Lawyer says owners are looking to sell property to someone who will reopen it as a theme park.
By Gary White & Kyle Kennedy
WINTER HAVEN |Cypress Gardens and Splash Island Water Park in Winter Haven abruptly closed Wednesday afternoon, leaving in doubt the future of an attraction that has lured visitors with flowering plants, Southern belles and water-skiing exhibitions since 1936. Wednesday's sudden announcement marked the third time since 2003 that Cypress Gardens has closed.

To mark the 60th Anniversary of the Peoples Republic of China at the International Aquatic Carnival in the City of Liuzhou, the International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation (IWWF) will present the next Stop of the successful World Cup series in a truly spectacular location. This will all take place over the coming October 1st / 3rd weekend.

Liuzhou Prefecture is the industrial centre of Guangxi Province located on the banks of the winding Liu River in Central-Southwest China. It is 727km west of Hong Kong. With a history of over 2,000 years development, the City is now a base for three of China’s top vehicle manufacturers. It is also a centre for steel production, heavy engineering, forestry, sugar cane, silk and fruit. Surrounded by rolling hills, caves and dramatic limestone karst landscape, it is a very popular tourist area. Liuzhou is also the home of the famous Li Ning, China’s Gymnast Entrepreneur who lit the Olympic torch in Beijing in 2008. Situated in a Monsoon Climate zone, at this time of the year the temperature in Liuzhou is approximately 30C / 90Fh.


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