IWWF Tournament Council approves Natalia Berdnikova's score of 9080 as the new World Record in tricks

This video was taken last week down in Acapulco, Mexico at Gordon Rathburn's ski school...Enjoy!


Location- Orlando Florida

Ski School- Lucky Lowe’s

Cost -$60 a set



Able to stay in bunk house at no additional cost.

Hot tub at the end of the dock .

3 courses & 1 jump


Lake can be affected by winds.

 I have been to Lucky’s twice & We had him come & coach a group of us @ a friends site in New York once this summer. He has an amazing knack of picking out what needs to be changed. 

 Skied with him at Lake Alfred 3 weeks ago with my wife & daughter & the both had a great time & Lucky was really helpful with them, We would all go back in a flash. 

I asked a friend the does & don’t’s before skiing with Lucky last January & it served me really well, here it is. 

Do's and Don'ts: 

Do start donning your gear if you are next to go when Lucky takes the person before you out.  Be ready and at the end of the dock as soon as possible.  You never know when lucky will point the boat for shore and he wants the next person at the end of the dock all ready to go. 

Be patient while he is speaking.  He takes a while to get things out and may rephrase things because sometimes he is hard to understand???

Don't miss instruction.  If you are not certain what he wants you to do ask again to be sure.  He will have you start at ball one or ball two or go before ball one or go before all the balls so listen and don't screw up.

This may shorten your session.

Do your best to make the change he is asking you to make.  He wont get mad if you try, but if you do the same thing he just got done telling you to dodifferent he may shorten your session.  

Lucky wants to feel like he is coaching you.  He wants to see you change something.  He is not concerned that you run a PB but that you have keys to learn to know when you are doing things right and wrong.  

He is a complex guy but overall tons of fun if you know his temperament may be fiery but he gets over it quick.  Besides, we are making his winter

season with seven guys.  He is bound to be in a good mood. 


I will be giving away RadaR gear, memorabilia from pro skiers, coaching sessions at my school in Clermont and the grand prize is a signed 2010 RadaR Theory with double Vector boots. Here’s how it works… you MUST be following me to be eligible. I will start by giving away some of the smaller prizes. I will tweet either a code or a question and the first one of my followers to tweet @swini_skis and the correct answer will be the winner. I will be giving the ski away sometime during the day on Dec. 15th so keep watching. All prizes will be shipped free of charge within the continental US. Any winner outside of the US will be responsible for the cost of shipping and any other charges that may apply to get it to your location. Hope you guys enjoy this contest and have all your friends follow me on twitter….the more eyes watching the better chance you have of getting the swag!


Matt Rini


5 Skiers won prizes this week playing BallOfSpray Twitter Jeopardy!

 @theproskitour @scoke @bevloew @MattP_  and @buoychaser 

Each of the winners will receive a copy of the Terry Winter West Coast Visualization DVD. As a special bonus @MattP_ will be receiving a pillow belonging to Marcus Brown. Look for more fun and silliness as we all try to survive winter.

Putrajaya World Cup Results
Open Men Slalom        Nick Parsons
Open Ladies Slalom   Karen Truelove
Open Men Jump           Feddy
Open Men Tricks          Aliaksei Zharnasek
Open Ladies Tricks     Marion Aynaud

Complete results http://theproskitour.com Or waterski.online.fr

Reprinted from http://www.cambridgetimes.ca/
By Bill Doucet

McClintock an obvious choice. Cambridge’s Whitney McClintock cheers during her quadruple gold medal win at the world championships in Calgary. She was named Cambridge Athlete of the Year tonight.
Times file photo
 With such an illustrious list of Tim Turow Award nominees, it's hard to call anything a slam dunk.


Then again, no one had a year like Whitney McClintock. The 20-year-old water-skier won seven gold medals at world championships and six more at the Canadian championships, along with various other honours, to take home the Cambridge Athlete of the Year Award tonight at the annual Cambridge Sports Awards Banquet at the Cambridge Holiday Inn.

It was McClintock's second Tim Turow win, as she also took the crown in 2007.
McClintock was up against some lofty local names – Lindsay Carson (track), Lisa Leskien (ultra-marathon), Jackie Brown (freestyle skiing), Nathan Brannen (track), Ryan Ellis (hockey) and Bryce Davison (figure skating) – but no one dragged home the hardware like the University of Central Florida student.

This was a glorious day here in Putrajaya. Hot sunshine and good skiing conditions created the perfect welcome for our World Cup athletes as they arrived from 15 countries around the world. IWWF Homologator Nigel Talamo GBR and Organiser Hanifah Yoong and his team put the finishing touches to the Jump and Slalom courses as the sun set beyond the Putrajaya City skyline.

Enjoying the sunshine this afternoon were Ty and Rick Oppenlander USA, Clementine Lucine FRA, Marion Aynaud FRA, Danyelle Bennett USA, Aliaksei Zharnasek BLR, Herman Beliakou BLR, Nicolas LeForestier FRA, Freddy Krueger USA, Karen Truelove USA, Natalia Berdnikova BLR, Will Furze GBR/MasterCraft, Boris Laval FRA, Anais Amade FRA, Billy Susi USA, Aaron Larkin NZL, Jonathan Travers USA, Nick Parsons USA, Jodi Fisher GBR and Will Asher. Many more will arrive later tonight.

Natalia Berdnikova BLR created history – or at least pending history ! Competing in Central Florida today, Natalia scored 9080 points. This makes her the first woman in the world to ever score more than 9000 points.

Behind this extraordinary performance is a fascinating sequence of events. Natalia was injured a year ago. While working on her recovery, Clementine Lucine FRA also hit the headlines over and over again. We have lost count with the number of pending World Shortboard Records she scored. She did get a confirmed 8840 points to take the World Record – but also scored 8930 points which did not pass the Judges final decision. Certainly, World Cup star Clementine Lucine looked set to break that 9000 barrier. If the Judges confirm Natalia’s 9080 points today, her name will certainly enter the history books.

Story reprinted from IWSF.com


Putrajaya World Cup site is ready for the final Stop of 2009

The world’s top Waterski athletes from 15 countries are now converging on Kuala Lumpur’s International Airport for the short ride to Putrajaya. This will be the 29th World Cup Stop in the series. The Timetable and Webcast details for this last Waterski & Wakeboard World Cup Stop of the season have been released today. Both the Putrajaya Stop and overall World Cup season winners will be crowned at this beautiful tropical venue next Sunday evening immediately following the November 7/8 competition.

Putrajaya Corporation and the Malaysian Waterski Federation have provided some of the most attractive site facilities in the world at the Watersports Complex. Towering above the Waterski arena is the distinctive four storey all-glass Media and Judging tower. This will house the RTM TV cameras for national broadcasts, the World Cup Webcast Studio for global transmissions, the World Cup TV team plus the Judges and Officials. The World Cup TV Team will distribute a short TV News edit feature to 300 million viewers by Satellite on Sunday evening. This will be followed by a full edited TV show which will be distributed to 200 million viewers the following week.


The U.S. Under 21 Water Ski Team won the gold medal and four U.S. athletes earned individual medals at the 4th Under 21 Water Ski World Championships, Oct. 29-Nov. 1, in Chapala, Mexico.

The U.S. Under 21 Water Ski Team tallied 7,800.16 points in winning the overall gold medal for the third time. Defending champion France earned the silver medal, scoring 7,639.65 points, and Canada earned the bronze medal, tallying 7,451.64 points in the 24-team field.

Like a barge navigating the Mississippi, rainwater from Thursday's historic thunderstorm is drifting slowly and inevitably toward the southern end of Bossier Parish, with local officials racing to make preparations. Bla bla bla Yadda Yadda Yadda So lets to trick skiing!

Ward McLain does some trick water skiiing behind a pickup along Caplis-Sligo Rd. in Bossier City. (Submitted by Kim McLain)

More at ShreveportTimes.com

Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico - 28 Oct/1 Nov 2009

Men Slalom        Travers Jonathan
Ladies Slalom   Mcclintock Whitney
Men Tricks          Poteau Alexandre
Ladies Tricks     Mcclintock Whitney
Ladies Jump      Chardin Nancy
Men Jump           Worden Zack
Ladies Overall   Mcclintock Whitney
Men Overall        Worden Zack

The 4th Under 21 Water Ski World Championships continue Saturday in Chapala, Mexico. Results

Photos by Tiare Miranda

Under 21 World Championships











Under 21 World Championships 


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