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Swiss Pro Slalom - $13,000 Cash Prize

Sunday, May 14th, 2017 - Swiss Waterski Resort

Swiss Waterski Resort is proud to announce the 3rd edition of the Swiss Pro Slalom featuring the best slalom skiers from around the World battling out a $13'000 Cash Prize in a 2-rounds & Finals competition.

The Swiss Pro Slalom has become a classic event offering world record conditions pushing the skiers to the limit of their art of slalom skiing.

Reigning Champions Nate Smith and Regina Jaquess both from the USA will face fierce competition showcasing the best slalom skiing and drama to crown the next Swiss Pro Slalom Champions in Open Men & Women.

Tournament schedule

First round 8:00 am to 1:00 pm

Second round 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Finals 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm

Prize Ceremony 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm

live webcast on

About Swiss Waterski Resort

Water skiers from around the world come to Swiss Waterski Resort for its perfect ski lakes, beautiful surrounding scenery, and dedicated instructors led by head coach Clint Stadlbaur. Located outside Orlando in Clermont, Florida, Swiss Waterski Resort was established in 1979 and has provided the ultimate ski experience for decades. The staff ensures that all guests have a memorable stay by holding to the highest standards of Swiss service. At Swiss Waterski Resort, you will discover the perfect combination of rigorous training and resort vacation. Features include a fleet of new Nautique boats, stylish Mediterranean villas, pools, heated spas, and a pristine golf course. Ready for paradise? Book your next water ski escape at Swiss!

Pro Am 17 poster 2

Skiers get signed up NOW for the 2017 Beaver Lake Pro-Am and Night Jump!  June 17-18 is the date for this Class RELC(Slalom and Jump) and C(Trick) tournament featuring a terrific NIGHT JUMP event Saturday with CASH PRIZES!  Six places will be paid with the first place paying $1000!
Space is limited and all the info you need to enter along with the event rules is posted on .  It’s a great atmosphere with great skiing conditions and fun for all!  The evening Night Jump will draw a crowd of spectators to cheer on the jumpers with a festival atmosphere.  Beaver Lake is near Ahoskie, North Carolina.  The closest airports are Norfolk, Va., Newport News, Va., and Raleigh, NC.   See you there!!


Lynnwood, WA. April 17, 2017 - Connelly Skis, a renowned water sports and towables brand of more than 50 years, welcomes its newest athlete, Thibaut Dailland, to the Connelly team. Dailland brings many years of success as a professional skier and internationally-known athlete to the Connelly team. His prowess will help extend the Connelly name within the realm of the water sports industry around the world while fostering the personality and legacy of the brand.

Dailland was born and raised in Ivory Coast, Africa, by two parents highly involved in surfing and water skiing. His water ski career began at five years old and blossomed when he relocated to France to participate in tournaments. There he broke the national record in tricks at 12 years old. By the age of 17, Dailland began competing in the elite ranks.

Since breaking France’s junior national record, Dailland’s primary goal has been to seize a world championship title. To help him achieve this ambition, he switched to the Connelly GT slalom ski at the end of the 2016 season.

“It is an honor riding on one of the most legendary brands in waterskiing. With only one tournament under my belt on the Connelly, my scores are already comparable to my personal best,” Dailland said. “My aim at the end of last season was to find a slalom ski that would help me conquer 41 off. After trying every ski on the market, Connelly corresponded best with my style. It gives me the confidence to push my limits and improve my scores.”

This season, Dailland plans to compete in the Swiss Pro Slalom tournament, Malibu Open, California ProAm, U.S. Open and the World Championships in France, to name just a few. His ultimate mission still remains the same - to be crowned World Overall Champion.




Would you like to see waterskiing return to its former glory as a sport?  

Waterskiing as a sport has been dying from lack of grassroots development and media exposure for 25 years. It’s become a sport of private lakes and one person in the boat. It has lost its roots as something fun to do with others on any lake or river. While 11.4 million people still go boating and 5.9 million still ski, water skiing as a competitive sport is dying and has almost no media exposure today.  Waterski magazine is down to two issues and ski boat companies make mostly wakeboard boats.

I was lucky enough to be a pro skier at the peak of this sport. In the 80s and 90s waterskiing was on ESPN and had 16 pro events across the country with as many as 10,000 people on the beach watching events. I have watched the sport decline for over 25 years, there is no TV coverage today and there is no one on the beach watching competitions. IT IS TIME TO TAKE DRASTIC ACTION TO SAVE THIS SPORT FROM EXTINCTION!

nw6i0755.jpg 20120529


Wade Cox is one of the greatest water skiers of all time. He became the youngest skier to ever win a Pro Event, and held that honor for over 2 decades. Wade has been involved with HO Skis for 30 years, and continues to teach and coach water skiing at the Orlando Water Sports complex, as well as traveling clinics around the country. We got to discuss everything from how he got his start in the sport, to who inspired and pushed him to become the skier and person he is today.

Hope you enjoy this one, and let us know who you want on the podcast in the future!

Please take a moment to Subscribe to the FlowPoint Podcast on iTunes, so you don’t end up missing out!

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We're proud to announce that we've added the highly acclaimed Syndicate VTX and much anticipated Syndicate Hardshell Boot/Binding System to the Demo Program. Now you can try all of our Syndicate and Superlite Skis and the hottest boot on the market at your lake with no obligation. Click here to get yours!

Malibu Open logo.orig

Malibu Open will invite the top 4 MEN and top 4 Women OVERALL Skiers from the May 2017 IWSF World Standing List to participate in this years Malibu Open Overall  Championship.

This will be an elite event with equal payouts of $1500 for 1st place, $1000 for 2nd place and $500 for third place in the overall competition.

We look forward to bringing this exciting addition of the Malibu Open to Veterans Park in Downtown Milwaukee on August 18/19, 2017.

This event will be towed by the all new 2017 Malibu Response TXI.

For additional details visit


ORLANDO, FL (March 23rd, 2017) - Nautique is proud to announce a brand-new series of events for 2017 dubbed Nautique Swervin’ Weekends presented by HO Skis, USA Water Ski and AWSA (American Water Ski Association). Designed to expose people to waterskiing in a fun and laid-back environment, the 9-stop event series kicks off in April and will be pulled by the record-setting Ski Nautique 200. Completely free of charge for all participants that sign up, these USA Water Ski sanctioned events are aimed to bring everyone together to further the growth of waterskiing all around the country.

During each event a Nautique pro waterskier will be in attendance to provide tips, help teach newcomers how to waterski and showcase just how much fun waterskiing is. Lunch and snacks will be provided free of charge to all participants, but space is limited for each event so sign up quickly.

“Giving people the chance to experience waterskiing in a non-competitive, fun and light-hearted environment is important to showcase the waterskiing lifestyle,” said Nautique president Greg Meloon. “This one-of-a-kind series will give everyone involved an inclusive and enjoyable experience that highlights the lifestyle behind a Nautique.” Meloon added.

“We want to make sure everyone has a good time, gets a chance to ski behind the 200 and enjoys the life that we waterskiers have the privilege to live,” said Nautique athlete Nate Smith. “Waterskiing is so much fun and I’m really looking forward to teaching new people and to share my love for the sport with everyone I can this summer.”

Support for Nautique Swervin’ Weekends is also brought to us by HO Skis. HO will be on-hand during each event with brand-new gear for everyone to try out. Skis, vests, gloves, ropes, handles and much more will all be made available to make sure everyone can get out on the water and have fun. Not only will HO be providing any gear you’d like to try, but they’re also picking up the bill for your USA Water Ski membership for the day as well. With support from HO, USA Water Ski and the AWSA, the Nautique Swervin’ Weekends is set up to be a free event you won’t want to miss!

For more info on Nautique Swervin' Weekends, check out



Radar Skis is stoked to announce the remodel of their website, Cruise on over to the new site and browse all the 2017 range of Radar products. #radarnation


At this point his resume hardly needs any bolstering, but Thomas Degasperi's hall-of-fame credentials got a serious boost this weekend when he won his second career Moomba Masters Men's slalom title in Melbourne Australia.

Clementine Lucine takes third at Moomba.
Thomas scored 3 buoys at 41 feet off, tying the Moomba Masters course record, to earn the win, with fellow Team GOODE skier Benjamin Stadlbaur and Nate Smith just behind him with 1-1/2 buoys at 41 feet off. Nate was awarded the second-place tie break due to being seeded higher.

The last 12 months have been fantastic for both Thomas and Benjamin, as Thomas has also won the Malibu Open, Canadian Open and European Championships, while Benjamin has earned podium positions at the Malibu Open, European Championships and the Latrobe City International.

In Women's slalom, Clementine Lucine earned a podium spot with a third-place finish as Team GOODE skiers followed with the next five places: Karen Truelove (4th), Neilly Ross (5th), Anna Gay (6th), Breanne Dodd (7th), Ali Garcia (8th). Whitney McClintock claimed the victory while Manon Costard finished second. Regina Jaquess did not make the trip to Australia.

In the Junior ranks, Neilly finished third in girls slalom, while Tobias Giorgis placed second in boys.


Radar Nation Tour Dates 600

Radar is pleased to announce the introduction of the Radar Nation Tour. The Radar Nation Tour is a 5 stop demo series allowing local skiers to have a fun day with fellow swervers and try new Radar gear in the process. Reach out to Brooks Wilson, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., with questions or to sign up for a fun day on the water! 



The University of Georgia is beyond excited to have secured their first team practice site in the 40 years of the team’s existence. The procurement of this site comes with additional costs the team currently cannot bear the expense of, so we are looking for support from the watersports community. Over the last two years, our club has developed in ways we would have never thought imaginable - membership has increased by 600%, and we narrowly missed qualifying for our national competition. This progress of our team was recognized by the NCWSA, as our former president, Cole Burgess, was awarded the 2016 Male Leader of the Year. Our new practice site will be essential in strengthening our clubs foundation as we try to introduce new members to the sport of competitive water skiing. Your donation, whether it be $20, $100, or $1,000+, will go towards the purchase of a used 1990’s competition ski boat, so we can get our team out on the water and help grow the sport. If you or your business is interested in sponsoring the team, we would love to discuss sponsorship opportunities with you as well.

All donations are tax deductible through section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code

To ensure it goes the UGA Water Ski Team, make sure to specify in the “special instructions/comments” section under Additional Information “For the use of the UGA Water Ski Club”
Donations can be sent in through the following link:

Checks can also be made payable to UGA Club Sports “For the use of the Water Ski Club” and sent to Mailbox #82 at the Ramsey Student Center 330 River Road Athens, GA 30602

Thank you for your support! We would love to hear from you guys at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


VONORE, Tenn. (February 21, 2017) – MasterCraft Boat Company (NASDAQ: MCFT) cemented its leadership as an innovator in the towboat category with its sixth innovation award in seven years for its groundbreaking DockStar Handling System, an exclusive option available on select 2017 MasterCraft boats. Announced at last weekend’s Miami International Boat Show, the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) and Boating Writers International honored MasterCraft with this award as one of just 19 winners out of 63 evaluated products.

“We’re thrilled to receive yet another innovation award from the NMMA recognizing that MasterCraft products are the most innovative in our industry,” said Terry McNew, President and CEO of MasterCraft Boat Company. “Our award-winning technologies are why many boat owners choose MasterCraft and the DockStar Handling System is a great example of how our engineering can benefit consumers. DockStar not only simplified navigating tight spaces like docks and marinas, it also improved the handling of MasterCraft boats.”

The patent pending DockStar Handling System enables boat drivers of any ability level to confidently drive in reverse and more easily navigate tight docks and crowded marinas. MasterCraft’s engineering team conquered two equally important charters with the innovative DockStar Handling System: enable drivers to control a boat in any direction in reverse and improve the docking and maneuverability capabilities of an inboard drive MasterCraft. The DockStar Handling System enables this through a pair of low-profile, flanking rudders that enable port-side reverse control, which was previously unattainable with any inboard towboat, while also greatly assisting during docking and controlling the vessel at low speeds.

Continued legacy of industry innovation
In the last three years MasterCraft’s top new products and technologies all received the annual Innovation Award from the NMMA and Boating Writers International. In 2014, the company’s Gen 2 Surf System that provides perfectly shaped, chest high waves at the touch of a button received the annual designation. The same year, the company’s ultimate ski boat, the ProStar, received the Innovation Award due to a bevy of innovations like the convertible bow, pioneering storage system for skis and unparalleled flat wakes. In 2015, the company’s ultimate wake surf boat, the X23, also received the innovation award being recognized for its groundbreaking hull design and compartmentalized ballasts that deliver the longest, most customizable waves on the market.

To learn more about the DockStar Handling System and see the technology in action, please visit:

Do you love water skiing? Are you technically minded and interested in starting a career in ski design and construction but don’t know how to get your foot in the door? If you answered yes to both of those questions GOODE Skis’ 2017 summer apprenticeship program might be right for you.

In it’s second year, GOODE’s apprenticeship program is designed to educate the next generation of ski designers and builders.

“Last summer was our first year offering the program and it was a huge success,” said Dave Goode, founder and president of GOODE Skis. “The guys who took part were an integral part of our team in the factory and I think they learned a lot, both on and off the water.”

Lasting approximately eight to 12 weeks and taking place at GOODE’s Ogden, Utah headquarters, the apprenticeships are paid and may include housing for the right candidates. Apprentices will work in GOODE’s state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, learning skills such as ski design, manufacturing, quality control, materials management, supply chain management, and machinery operation.

The apprenticeship also includes skiing. Lot’s of skiing. Apprentices will join GOODE’s R&D team for daily skiing sessions at GOODE Ski Lake, located about one mile away from GOODE headquarters.

“For me, it was the perfect mix between learning business acumen while maintaining a high level of waterski training,” said Dane Mechler, who participated in the program last summer and was recently named USA Water Ski’s Male Athlete of the Year. “Working at GOODE, I had one of the best ski seasons of my life. Dave stressed to us the importance of getting better on all aspects. Equipment, technique, driving, training: everything we did, we tried to get better little by little.”

If you are interested in being considered for the GOODE Ski Apprenticeship, fill out and submit the form found here. For additional information, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

freddie winter

The Boarding School, located in Orlando, Florida, officially welcomes its newest team member, Freddie Winter. Freddie will be heading up the ski program that Travis Moye started at The Boarding School five years ago.

The Boarding School is situated on three private lakes on the east side of Orlando. With slalom courses on two of the three lakes, it is a skier’s dream. One course faces North/South and the other, East/West. No matter what Mother Nature has in store, there is always at least one lake that is perfect. With connecting lakes, it gives skiers the rare opportunity to run multiple courses without dropping. To top that off, they have a 2017 MasterCraft ProStar and a full line of Radar Skis to demo while you are there.

Freddie Winter originally hails from across the pond in London, England. He started skiing at the age of six and won his first National Title by the age of 11. As the saying goes, “the rest is history.” At the age of 26, Freddie is currently ranked number two in the world. He has his sights set on moving to number one, and winning the World Championship this year.

freddie winter 2

“If you have ever met Freddie, you know that he is incredibly focused and determined to reach his goals on and off the water,” says Travis Moye, owner of The Boarding School. “You also quickly notice that he likes to have a good time, ultimately making him a great fit for The Boarding School. We are extremely excited to have him as part of the family to continue our ski program.”

Freddie has coached at several clubs throughout his career and has traveled the world doing clinics, but is ready to officially call TBS home. “I couldn’t be more excited to be joining The Boarding School family. It’s the perfect place for a skier at any level to develop their abilities, and I’m looking forward to contributing to that progression. It’s no coincidence I came here to reach the next level of skiing.”

If you would like to take a trip to The Boarding School, you can visit their website, or contact them at 407 484 5525.



Rank Skier Events % Scores % Combined
1 Regina Jaquess 100.00 100.00 100.00
2 Whitney Mcclintock 90.91 90.91 90.91
3 Manon Costard 81.82 81.82 81.82
4 Clementine Lucine 72.73 72.73 72.73
5 Breanne Dodd 63.64 63.64 63.64
6 Kate Adriaensen 54.55 63.64 59.09
7 Karen Truelove 45.45 63.64 54.55
8 Geena Krueger 27.27 36.36 31.82
9 Bailey Austin 36.36 18.18 27.27
10 Beatrice Ianni 18.18 27.27 22.73
11 Ashley Montgomery 9.09 9.09 9.09




Ellie Horton is three event and third generation competitive water skier. She grew up skiing at Horton Lakes, which was built by her grandfather Dr Jack Horton, and began competing when she was ten years old.

Currently, Ellie is a second year student at Florida Southern College. She is studying journalism and skis on scholarship for the FSC water ski team. is ranked 3rd overall in the nation, 9th in the U21 overall world standings, and has her open women’s rating in overall.

She is a member of the D3 water skis Factory Team and is sponsored by CAMARO wetsuits and NewCity Clothing.

Her recent successes have included winning Division I women’s tricks at the 2013 collegiate nationals as well as taking the tricks and overall title at the U21 2014 Pan Am Championships.

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