Fresh on the heels of pulling the World Wakesurfing Championships, Centurion took another bold step in introducing a new 3 event boat, the Carbon Pro. Fusing aerospace carbon construction in a vacuum technology process, the new Carbon Pro is as strong and light as it is strikingly beautiful. The actual carbon fiber construction is completely visible and forms the graphic in the side panel and deck. It's a echnology and performance story that truly separates Centurion from the pack. Powered by PCM's state of the art power system, the Carbon Pro is expected to set new standards in performance and skiability. Developed with the input of some of the best minds and talent in the industry, there's no question that the net result is on target. Early results onfirm that the fresh thinking, a Centurion hallmark, is satisfying an anxious market. • 209-384-0255

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