Brent: When you are at the lake with Deena and the kids, do they act like you don't know what you are talking about? 
Andy: Deena knows what I talking about.  My daughter is a teenager, so is it not true that at that age, no parent knows what they are talking about???

Brent: Horton wants to know, is Adam Cord the funniest looking engineer in the history of O'Brien? 
Andy: All engineers are funny looking.  Adam is VERY good at the engineer code for " I don't know about that yet", which is HMMMMM!!!

Brent:What is you best trick score?
Andy:8110.  NO flips

Brent:Can you run 41 on a trick ski? (20 mph)

Brent:Favorite beer?
Andy:Amstel Light

Brent:Have you ever skied behind a truck or horse?  Andy:
Andy: I love lots of horsepower!

Brent:Do you get spray leg? If so, what do you do about it?
Andy:Yes.  I don't ski enough to get it toughened up anymore.  I tough it out. I WILL NOT WEAR A SPRAY LEG.  Patrice Martin wore a spray leg!!!

Brent: Have you ever gotten highlights in your hair? 
Andy: The older I get, the more I have.  They are a nice shade of grey.

Brent: Is it true that O'Brien skis make the best spray? 
Andy: Of course, especially when I was 219 lbs!!!

Brent: What is more important:  spray height or total volume? 
Andy: Volume always Brent: How many skis do you think you have ruined with a file? 
Andy: Approx 800. See picture of garage clean out

Brent: Is BallOfSpray the greatest web site on the InterTube?
Andy: Don't read it *

Brent:In your opinion ,what is the biggest brain fart in waterski history? 
Andy: Athletes not taking control of the sport.

Brent: What is the biggest brain fart you have ever done?
Andy: First ever international tournament. Got on wrong plane to wrong country!!!!!  Security was not that tight back then.

Brent: Who did the ugliest pass for in your Montreal clinic ?
Andy: Scott 35 off.  He quit and left, said he had to work!!!!

* The editorial staff at BallOfSpray has reset our list of greatest slalom skiers of all time. Andy now ranks between Kim Laskoff and Eddie The Eagle.

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