FOR MOST people, 70th birthday celebrations are quite a muted affair.

However, for one Gloucester pensioner, a quick spin around a lake near Cirencester on water skis sounded a much better option.

Super-fit Kevan Price, of Hempsted Lane in Gloucester, took to the water alongside two generations of his family.

The retired surveyor, who will be 70 on September 22, said: "It's great fun. Physically it's not too hard but I do need a longer rest in the boat before going out again."

He regularly hits the water with brother-in-law Gary Smith, 42, and grandchildren Nadia, 12, and Ciara, 8.

"It is great to ski with my family, especially the younger ones. I think they are good and it's great fun watching them," he said.

His wife, Sue, 68, is less than sympathetic when he recovers the next day.

"She says 'At your age you can't expect anything else," he said.

Mr Price has been water skiing for 32 years.

He learnt to ski when working in Oman for six months as a quantity surveyor.

He bought a boat on his return and fixed it up with Mr Smith.

He now waterskis regularly with his family and a small group of keen skiers.

Mr Smith, of Cheltenham Road East, Churchdown, said: "He's fit. It's unbelievable. You've got to admire him for it. At 70 a lot of people would be pleased to be healthy let alone thinking about water skiing.

"He's quite an inspiration to Nadia and Ciara."

Despite his daughters Joanna, 42 and Samantha, 37 and son, Robin, 32, not skiing, Mr Price has continued to encourage other family members to ski regularly.

They do this at Thamesmead ski lake, near Cirencester and have skied on the River Severn and twice on the coast at Torquay.

Mr Price is also captain of Hempsted skittles team and was an active member of Hempsted Cricket Club until he stopped playing two years ago.

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