SEGRATE, Italy - Pierre Plouffe of Mont-Tremblant, Que., won the gold medal in tricks and overall and added a bronze in jump in the 55-and-over division at the world masters water-skiing championships.

Plouffe, the Canadian coach of the year in 1988 and a member of the Quebec Sports Hall of Fame, scored 808.70 points in trick and 2,525.27 points in the overall standings to finish more than 400 points ahead of runner-up Ham Wallace of the U.S.

Plouffe soared 36.5 metres in jump. Ham took the gold at 38.5, while Wolfgang Senge of Germany was second.

Todd Johnson of Calgary added a victory for Canada in the 35-and-over slalom event. Johnson Drew Ross of Belleville, Ont., was sixth.

David Miller of Vancouver took silver in the 45-and-over slalom behind gold medallist Chet Raley of the U.S.

Claudia Currie of Halifax was fourth in women's 45-and-over tricks, fifth in overall standings, sixth in jump and seventh in slalom.

The U.S., took the overall team title with Britain second and Germany third. Canada was fifth.

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