Join us to watch the 2010 Pro-Am Slalom Tournament at Diablo Shores the upcoming weekend of Sept. 17, 18 & 19 (Fri, Sat & Sun). Bringing over 90 of the top Pro and Amateur skiers from around the globe to the pristine waters of the Diablo Shores Ski Lake located in the midst of a scenic, Brentwood vineyard, less than 15 minutes from Discovery Bay.

Hosted by Greg & Debbie Badal, you will have the chance to watch, mingle and be inspired by some of the world’s top women skiers like April Coble, Karina Nowlan, Regina Jaquess, Jennifer LaPoint, and Karen Truelove.

Men’s Pro skiers include Terry Winter, Thomas Degasperi, Billy Susi, Jeff Rogers, Marcus Brown, Jamie Beauchesne, Chris Parrish, Will Asher and more.

Some of the local favorites include, Richelle Matli, Wayne Bundy, Paul Matthews, Bob Hardeman, Josh Badal, Eric Yamasaki and Greg Badal.

See the Legends of Water Skiing Compete: Bob and Chris LaPoint with fellow retirees.

Action begins with the amateur prelims at 8 AM on Friday, pro-prelims at 8 AM on Saturday and the finals at 9 AM on Sunday wrapping up by 3 PM. Attendance is free for all spectators.

Wear your BAWSC clothing, bring your lawn chairs, cameras, autograph pens and picnic baskets and join many of your fellow BAWSC members who plan to attend the finals on Sunday Sept. 19.

For those who cannot attend, a live, tournament webcast at no charge will be broadcast via the website below.

For more info and directions:

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