Women's World Slalom Record Holder, Karina Nowlan (AUS) has taken up a new sport - snow skiing! 
"I just love snow skiing!", said Karina. "It is so much fun! And a great way to keep your water skiing legs in shape during the off-season."
"Karina came to visit our factory in Ogden last June and had never touched snow before in her life. She was super excited to see it still on the mountain tops.", said Dave Goode. "Karina sent me this photo of her skiing at Vancouver's Whistler Mountain Resort, where the Olympics are now being held. Karina is a talented athlete and it does not surprise me that she has learned to snow ski so quickly.", Goode concludes.
Karina's choice of snow ski equipment is a pair of GOODE Carbon 64 snow skis and a pair of GOODE 10.4mm Pure CARBON Fiber Ski Poles.

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