Seattle, Washington (February 2, 2010) – PRO-TEC helmets and the INT League have joined forces. The leader in water, snow, skate and bike helmets and the biggest amateur league of wakeboard, wakeskate, kneeboard and waterski events come together. The INT League partnered with PRO-TEC to put PRO-TEC helmets on the starting dock at all INT Events in 2010 for riders to demo and use in competition.
The INT League requires wakeboarders, wake skaters, and kneeboarders to wear helmets while riding in competition. Wake sports are exciting but present some safety challenges, wearing a helmet reduces a rider’s chance of sustaining a head injury in competition. Stop by your local pro shop and pick up a helmet!
PRO-TEC was founded in the early 70's.  PRO-TEC is the original action sports protective gear company.  Today PRO-TEC provides innovative technology while still maintaining a classic style.  PRO-TEC continues to support and protect riders around the world with the very best in protective equipment, so they can keep expressing and progressing.  
The INT League aspires to grow participation and consistency in towed water sports by actively promoting, organizing, and supporting, fun competitive events by welcoming all ages and ability levels. For more information please see the INT website at

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