Seattle, WA (December 28, 2009) - In the world of grassroots, it is hard to be heard in this noisy, busy world. But the premier host of amateur watersports events just became much louder as the INT League recently announced MasterCraft renewed its partnership agreement. MasterCraft, who has partnered with the INT as a major sponsor for several years now, extended their commitment to grassroots water sports this month by signing a three year sponsorship contract. They will be an official tow boat at INT’s amateur and pro wakeboard, wakeskate, waterski and kneedboard events.
“MasterCraft continues to be a valuable partner to the INT League. They make great boats, have excellent dealers and an awesome promo boat program providing INT with tow boat for the events,” said Rick Stocks, president of the INT League.

“For us, this is a no brainer,” says Scott Crutchfield, MasterCraft chief Sales & Marketing officer. “The INT League is a crucial link to promoting water sports to communities across the country, ultimately creating leagues of enthusiasts year after year. Without a doubt, the INT is invaluable to all of us who are passionate about the progression and growth of this industry.”

Together INT and MasterCraft encourage competitors of all ages and ability levels to get out on the water and compete this summer! By sponsoring INT, MasterCraft is able to join the water sports industry to host several hundred grassroots events per year and the INT US Championships. The partnership also permits MasterCraft dealers to participate at local INT events in their area.

About the INT League:
The INT League is a company that hosts amateur and pro waterski, wakeboard, kneeboard, and wake skate tournaments nationwide. For more information please see the INT website at

About MasterCraft Boat Company:
MasterCraft strives to deliver consumers the ultimate water sports experience by designing and building the world’s highest quality, best performing sports luxury boats in every significant inboard niche.

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