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With every year, we aim to deliver something fresh to the slalom ski market. Whether that’s building off of previous years’ technology or introducing innovative technology, we strive to meet your needs on the water.

This year, we decided to take it up a notch and bring you something bold and brand new.

Introducing, our latest high-end, competition ski for 2021, the DV8. Featuring patent pending VersaTail technology, this is the most customizable ski ever. Left Isolated Image

Throughout the years, brands have been on a quest to create a ski that checks all the boxes. However, varying styles and skills have the one-shape-fits-all designs falling short.

What if you could choose the shape that best fits you? VersaTail allows you to take your fine tuning to another level. This patent pending technology gives skiers that ability to take a step beyond the standard fin and binding adjustments and choose how they want the water to flow off the tail of the ski. This is made possible through three tail options that come standard with the DV8.

The DV8 is also our most forgiving ski ever built. It’s constructed with an increased rocker, subtle top shape and softened flex pattern that all work in conjunction to allow more room for error and less perfection on the skier’s part.

The DV8 featuring our VersaTail technology is the first and only ski that gives you even more control over how your ski performs.

Connelly DV8 featuring VersaTail — the most customizable, high-performance ski ever.

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