We know we said we are paying for 10 first-time Juniors' GOODE Nationals entry fees, but 13 signed up so we're paying for them all!

Congrats to these first-time Nationals skiers and see you in Louisiana!



Lexie Adamczyk, Girls 4 - Lake Lotawana, MO

Loren Adamczyk, Girls 3 - Lake Lotawana, MO

Jacob Bucher, Boys 1 - Syracuse, IN

Joy Bucher, Girls 1 - Syracuse, IN

Rhett Bucher, Boys 1 - Milford, IN

Eliza Denninger, Girls 2 - Windermere, FL

Adah Hardin, Girls 1 - Louisville, KY

Jack Herzog, Boys 3 - Thorndale, TX

Connor Johnston, Boys 1 - Rossville, TN

Charlie Rose Jones, Girls 1 - Mequon, WI

Aaron Parr, Boys 3 - Newberry, SC

Camryn Reese Waters, Girls 3 - Lady Lake, FL

Clara Wilson, Girls 3 - Montpelier, VT

#DoGoodeBeGoodeSkiGoode #SkiForDave

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