2020 Spring Season USA Water Ski & Wake Sports pulled all event sanctions up to May 17, 2020. This effectively canceled all Spring NCWSA tournaments. The FSC Collegiate Spring tournament (20U038C) was the only NCWSA Spring tournament to occur prior to the USA-WSWS sanction pull. 

Additional Spring Eligibility NCWSA skiers do not use a season of eligibility if they do not ski A-Team. This means the vast majority of our skiers retain the Spring season of eligibility that would have been consumed by Spring 2020 skiing. However, the NCWSA Board of Directors has voted to grant an additional season of Spring eligibility to all skiers that participated in the tournament that featured Florida Southern College and Rollins College skiers in February 2020. The six-year eligibility clock still applies to the consumption of eligibility. 

2020 NCWSA All-Stars The Illinois stay at home order was extended to May 30th making NCWSA All-Stars impossible at its current date. Due to the extension as well as the high potential for group size restrictions after the order, the 2020 NCWSA All-Stars tournament is postponed until after June 30th, 2020. 

2020 NCWSA Team USA Selection Team USA was set to be selected at Team Trials, but Team Trials was coupled with All-Stars and is now canceled due to team selection needing to occur prior to potential future 2020 NCWSA All-Stars dates. The NCWSA Board of Directors has opted to switch from Team Trials to using rankings for selection. Skiers may read the updated eligibility and deadlines in the Team USA Selection Procedures document. Tournament scores between January 1st, 2019 and June 15th, 2020 will be used in the selection process. Skiers must submit an intent to participate to the NCWSA Chair, Jeff Surdej (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), by May 30, 2020. No minimum scores are required to submit an intent to participate. An intent submission will place you on the list of potential skiers for University Team USA selection based on rankings. 

The Rest of 2020 At this time we cannot make any decisions about future NCWSA tournaments from All-Stars' new date through the entire 2020 Fall season. Universities potentially staying online for the Fall term and statewide gathering restrictions are two of the many unknowns in our future. As the season approaches, we will openly communicate any cancellations or alterations as soon as we can.

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