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Stealth Glove was born out of the need for simple and effective glove to meet the demands of 3 event waterskiing.
We spent 2 years tweaking the finger length, strap placement, strap length, stitching and overall feel to come out with our first product the Stealth Glove. It's all black, kevlar palm, simple and effective in design. This glove has had great success, and the lowest return rate of any glove on the market.
This year we launched the Stealth Lite, and also the Bomber to please the skiers that appreciate a comfy leather glove.
Have a look at the website and take advantage of our little Holiday season sale. If you don't like the gloves, we will happily take them back or swap them out.
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Please also have a sneak peak at our Instagram handle:
If you tag us in your photo's rocking the Stealth Gloves we would love to repost you ripping it up.
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