BOS Thanksgiving Day Sale Banner

Just wanted to personally thank you and the BallOfSpray Community for all the support they give to our Pro Shop.  It is truly one thing I am Thankful for.   As a family owned pro shop….the people who are active on BOS make a real impact on the lives of both me and my staff.  For this I an truly grateful.  I tell my staff that if we work to do our job really well, we can impact the lives of both the skiers and their families and improve the quality of their lives both on and off the water.  This is our mission and the goal we strive for.
With the world retail changing daily….we find ourselves as one of the last remaining specialty pro ski shops out there.  Through the support of this community and skiers around the world we are hopeful we can continue to be a part of the waterski community for decades to come.  Thank you all for your business and thinking of us when you purchase your gear.  We are truly thankful for this opportunity.   In advance of our sale this Friday, I’m sending an early preview of our new Closeout Waterski Price list to the Ballers.  While we won’t be open on Thursday, you can have a head start on one of these sale skis out there.
Here is the link.
Best Regards
Bill Porter
Owner / Founder
Performance  Ski and Surf Of Orlando Inc.


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