Building on the DNA of the 2019 GT-R, our 2020 flagship ski boasts epic efficiency, maneuverability and acceleration throughout the course. However, a lot of ski companies claim speed, control, and stability —   promising effortless, polished passes. With today’s advanced technology, there’s no doubt that each brand delivers on their pledge. But in an era with so much talent and battles to the last buoy, it’s about the ski's performance at your last pass. 

We took a leap of faith and deviated from the conventional ski construction design. Through years of meticulous masterminding and countless prototypes, 2019 World Champion, Joel Howley helped create a ride that performs when it matters.
At Connelly, we care about your last pass — when you’re not perfect, when the conditions aren’t perfect, when you need just one more buoy. Both Manon Costard and Joel Howley’s feats at the 2019 World Championships are testaments to how our technology prevails when it counts.
We don’t just deliver on our claims, all the ski companies do that. But we deliver more and we deliver it when it matters — on your last pass.
More stability. More acceleration. More control. More grip. More speed.
For the skier who always wants just a little bit more. 
The 2020 GT-R delivers. 

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