USA Water Ski announced today that Executive Director Steve Locke has submitted his resignation, effective Jan. 1. Locke, who has served as executive director of the world's largest water ski federation for the past two years, has accepted the position of executive director at USA Field Hockey in Colorado Springs, Colo.

"USA Water Ski is a dynamic sports organization, and I am quite grateful for the vast amount of experience and friendships I have gained over the past two years," Locke said. "The organization will continue to be vibrant due to the high level of competence of the USA Water Ski staff. They are just the greatest and USA Water Ski will continue to roll on upwardly."

Locke submitted his resignation to USA Water Ski President Jim Grew and the USA Water Ski board of directors. Grew has appointed Jeff Smith, a member of the American Water Ski Association’s board of directors, to chair a five-person national search committee to find a replacement.


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