The 2019 Pro Waster ski season is just weeks away and Fantasy Waterski is open for business. Sign in and start drafting for one of the biggest events in 2019, the Moomba Masters, with all 3 events plus overall, day and night slalom and jump, tons of rounds, tons of FWS points!

Test your skills, compete against other ballers, beat Horton, whatever makes you happy? Will Pigozzi live up to his salary cap in 2019? Is Dodd still worth the highest value in all of fantasy? Who's your sleeper? Watch the next Distant from Center to see who Horton and Trent drafted.

New in FWS in Season 3?
-This year when a skier scratches we will sub that skier with points so you do not score zero
-Autodraft-in time for US Masters we will have an auto draft feature that will allow you to have the FWS computer draft your team in case you miss the deadline
-Text notifications-coming soon we will have text notifications you can sign up for to receive draft deadline reminders and skier scores

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