Location- Orlando Florida

Ski School- Lucky Lowe’s

Cost -$60 a set



Able to stay in bunk house at no additional cost.

Hot tub at the end of the dock .

3 courses & 1 jump


Lake can be affected by winds.

 I have been to Lucky’s twice & We had him come & coach a group of us @ a friends site in New York once this summer. He has an amazing knack of picking out what needs to be changed. 

 Skied with him at Lake Alfred 3 weeks ago with my wife & daughter & the both had a great time & Lucky was really helpful with them, We would all go back in a flash. 

I asked a friend the does & don’t’s before skiing with Lucky last January & it served me really well, here it is. 

Do's and Don'ts: 

Do start donning your gear if you are next to go when Lucky takes the person before you out.  Be ready and at the end of the dock as soon as possible.  You never know when lucky will point the boat for shore and he wants the next person at the end of the dock all ready to go. 

Be patient while he is speaking.  He takes a while to get things out and may rephrase things because sometimes he is hard to understand???

Don't miss instruction.  If you are not certain what he wants you to do ask again to be sure.  He will have you start at ball one or ball two or go before ball one or go before all the balls so listen and don't screw up.

This may shorten your session.

Do your best to make the change he is asking you to make.  He wont get mad if you try, but if you do the same thing he just got done telling you to dodifferent he may shorten your session.  

Lucky wants to feel like he is coaching you.  He wants to see you change something.  He is not concerned that you run a PB but that you have keys to learn to know when you are doing things right and wrong.  

He is a complex guy but overall tons of fun if you know his temperament may be fiery but he gets over it quick.  Besides, we are making his winter

season with seven guys.  He is bound to be in a good mood. 


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