Nat Reign 5 15

TEAM D3 World Record Holder Nate Smith continues his total dominance of every slalom event he enters. Since switching to his new D3 EVO Nate has been almost perfect at the 10.25 (41off) rope length.

Nate’s first pro event on the EVO was the TRAVERS GRAND PRIX last Friday the 11th. Nate won both rounds and the championship with scores into 9.75 (43off) No other skier ran 10.25.

Nate’s next event was the SWISS PRO SLALOM last Sunday the 13th. In the first round Nate again completed the 10.25 pass to lead all skiers. In the second round again Nate completed the 10.25 and scored This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. In the final Nate did what he needed to do, he scored 4 @ 10.25 for the victory.

FUN FACT- Nate Smith has run the 10.25 pass in competition more times than any other skier in the history of our sport. Unfortunately for the competition he isn’t showing signs of slowing down any time soon.

At D3 we are honored to have Nate as an ambassador for our brand and our sport. He is always willing to give back and drive the boat, judge an event, coach skiers, whatever he can do to help the sport we all love. Next up for Nate and TEAM D3 is the US Masters at Callaway Gardens, GA presented by Nautique Boats. The excitement starts on Friday the 25th and ends with finals on Sunday the 27th.

Be sure to catch the web cast for all the action or join us at our booth on site.

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