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Wade Cox has announced his 2018 Ski with Wade Tour, kicking off May 14th. This is your chance to ski with one of the winningest waterski pros of all-time with 47 pro victories. Sign up for a spot in his traveling coaching tour and get one-on-one instruction from the three time US Masters Champion turned well respected coach. Wade brings his decades of skiing and coaching experience with a unique perspective to a lake near you. A long time HO Skis posterboy, Wade will help you get your gear dialed, provide tips to get you to the next level and tell stories from his tour years that you’ll never forget. Space is limited, sign up now. (instructions after tour dates list below).


May 14. Memphis, TN
May 15. Tyler, TX
May 16. Dallas, TX
May 17-18 San Marcos, TX
May 19. Austin, TX
May 25-27. US Masters
May 28. Divorce Lake, AL(Jr Dev)
May 29. Divorce Lake, AL
May 30. Lake Martin, AL
June 5-6. Cincinnati, OH
June 7. The Liquid Edge IL
June 9-10. Wade Cox Open At The Liquid Edge, IL
June 11-14. Kids Camp at The Liquid Edge, IL
June 18-19. Spencers Pond, NY
June 20. Potsdam, NY
June 21. Rochester, NY
June 25. Cleveland, OH
June 26-27. Cincinnati, OH
June 28. Charlotte, NC

July & August dates/locations announced soon, stay tuned!!!

EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. TO SIGN UP

Check out for video parts covering wade’s illustrious career as a skier and coach.

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